I am an ex-associate of Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd and presently working in INFOSYS at a very respectful post. I worked in CIPL for 2 years in my college times and I am so fortunate that I got this opportunity.  I could not have placed in INFOSYS if I had not work in Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd. If I put my income aside, I have gained a bunch of experience and knowledge working in Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd. I am writing tshis review just to feast awareness to those people who think that Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd (CIPL) is fake or they think that CIPL is fraud, I am sorry to say but you guys are living with a big misinterpretation and I think there is an urgent requirement to clear this big confusion. This is the main reason I am writing this, and I will write my best to clear all your confusions. I will do this by writing my personal belief towards Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd.


I was an innocent boy who did not know anything outside his house, I didn’t know how this world works and what is this CIPL Review and all about. So, I started working in CIPL and God knows how my life got changed and it was a drastic change, I repeat “a drastic change”. So, I am writing this to share my view and also clear your view about CIPL. Trust me, this is an honest CIPL review. It is a just a help to people who are in any doubt that to join CIPL or not?  I am no one to tell anything about the CIPL Review and also, I will not take any decision for you that you should join CIPL or not, I will just show you the real image of Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd and the truth about the company by giving this CIPL review and the decision will be all yours.


If I can do great things working in CIPL, I promise you can do 100 times better than me. If I start telling you the things I learned here then there is no end to this writing, I can write a whole book or what I learned from CIPL. I wonder I will give the title “CIPL- A Life Changing Opportunity” to my book. Okay so let us get back from my wonder world and let me tell why join CIPL? When talking about CIPL Review, Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd (CIPL) gave me everything I am enchasing today. The confidence, management skills, potential to work hard, big vision, big dreams, achieving those dreams, communication skills, self-independence, business ethics, speaking ethics, public speaking, removing stage fear, presentation skills, soft skills, financial improvement, fame, etc., etc. I can tell you so many more things I got from working part-time in one and only Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd.  If you still have any doubts and want to concern someone, it is my humble request, talk to the person who is having good knowledge about it and not to any negative fellow.


I never thought that Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd will change my life to such a degree that I will become financially independent, in fact not only me, I will help my family too which was really a great accomplishment for me and all because of Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd and God's grace and yes, my hard work too. This is just a part of my success story and I hope I did my best to explain CIPL Review and that what Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd can do in one’s life. I hope you got my point and I really wish you more success ahead in your life.  


I am no one to tell you that you should join or not, if you will go for it then the only person who will be affected by this decision will be YOU and if you don’t go for it then the person who will be affected by it is again YOU, so the decision is all yours. Don’t listen to anyone, not to negative people at least, take your own good decision.

Published by john paret