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You will fall in love with Duke. He is what every woman would want in a man.

Duke is an investor and looking to buy an island off the cost of South Carolina. It is called Elpitha Island. The owners had come from Greece and now it is a mix of Greece and Southern. It is in need of some updating and change to bring the tourist back to the island so the people living there can continue.

Gabriellla is a lawyer that lives in New York, but grew up on the island and loves everything about it and does not want it to change. Her grandfather asked her to come back and show the investor around the island. She was not sure why she was the one put up to it but her goal was to make him hate it and leave. Little did she know who she was dealing with. Duke was not one to be ran off.

They hit it off and the more she tried to run him off the more he impressed her. She was falling for him and he was very smitten with her. She had told him that they needed to take a step back until this deal was done because she didn't think she could separate her feelings for him and the island.

Duke worked his magic and charm and got even closer to her. They were becoming more and more to each other. She was scared of what she would feel for him after he came and changed her island that she loved so much. He had made a promise to her but those were meant to be broken.

The more Gabriella spent with Duke the more she wanted to be with him. Also the closer they got to closing the deal on the island the more she worried, until one day things changed. I will let you read to find out what changed. But I will tell you there are some hot and heavy love scenes.

This is a book I highly recommend.

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Claimed by Love

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Published by Donna Morrison