The river rows the oarsman

Like the mountain moves the climb

The sunrise heats the day

Like the lectern stands and cries;


I stand before you all, beholden

To convey, what promised, I doth say

Deliverance be sent ahead of time

As the sunshine's heat betrays


The lake lends its ears to listen

And the fountain, trickling, falls

And the distance, prone to what’s been tried

Before twilight heeds the call


Sunset trestles the table

And his reflection keeps them out

And the speaker speaks the way he knows

And the highway lends them doubt


He had no way of knowing

He had no chance to suppose

The resultant shock to all and sundry

As he sensed he’d be deposed


The people moved the mountain

The sunrise and the sea

Delivering a treatise

To those who thought they’d be


Above, beyond, the common call

Safe in harbour, from the sea

A greater being than those with voice

Substantial, by decree


Yet in droves they came from far away

To record their true feel

Would power lend its ear to hear?

Or would the hook, prize fish, by reel?


Or, tone deaf, would power speak to them?

Above, their clarion call

The river, mountain, sunset - 

The lectern - the voice of all!


Postscript: This piece is inspired by the recent federal election in Australia, where the government of the day were, some would say, over-confident of victory. No-one yet knows the final result (votes are still being counted) but one thing's for certain - democracy is the sure winner here.



Published by Owen Tilley