Classé by The Cooking Culture – In A Class Of Its Own!!

The concept behind Classé is to create a beautiful and memorable fine-dining experience in a modern, sophisticated environment. A pure veg. restaurant, Classé is one of the few that serve formal lunches and dinners in pre-plated set courses.

Conceptualized and executed first in Ahmedabad, Classé has opened its second outlet in Pune and has aggressive plans for further expansion pan-India.

Set in a beautiful fine-dine ambiance, you can easily end up spending a few hours over a leisure lunch or a romantic dinner.

So when Carpe Diem extended an invite to #TheBTeam to try this place, we took it up as a challenge to see whether we can survive even a 10-courser veg. dinner. ;-)

Formal dinners are available in 10, 15 and 21 courses with a short 7 course option for lunch. Classé seems to be a rare member of an exclusive club of restaurants to serve a 21 course vegetarian meal, which is quite a remarkable achievement in this age of meat. The prices are set as Rs. 599 / Rs. 899 / Rs. 1299 / Rs. 1999 excluding taxes for the 7/10/15/21 course meals.

The portion sizes served are so proportionate, you don’t feel stuffed by the end of the entire meal, and that is a relief for such large course meals.

From our first course to the tenth course, each serving was plated to its finest! The open kitchen offers a no-holds-barred view into the making of each course. One has to see the concentration of the chefs to believe their passion. Everything right from the preparation to the plating to the taste – top notch!

Course I – Mocktail

Blood Orange Mojito: A typical fizzy mix of orange juice and a mojito syrup. A perfect start to the meal and went well with the pita chips and dip platter served on the table as a pre-appetizer.

Course II – Soup

Smoked Cheese and Paprika: A delicious combination of sweet tangy baby tomato combined with smoked cheese and paprika. Great balance of taste and a perfect companion on a cold wintery evening. #DeliciousDelicious

Course III – Appetizer # 1

Cottage Cheese Pinwheels: These were roundels of cottage cheese stuffed with a mash of cheese and tomato concasse and topped with house special sauce, shredded cheese, cherry tomato slice and olive. Looked so tiny in portion size on the large white plate but trust me; it packs a punch – both in terms of flavors as well as capacity to feel stuffed. #YumYum

Course IV – Appetizer # 2

Chana Masala Wonton: Deep fried wontons filled with chana chatpata laid on a bed of chana masala topped with with mint and sonth chutney, shredded shavings with pomegranate and nylon shev. This was one tasty combination of Indian and Oriental cuisines. The chatpata chana filling was finger lickin’ good and the mint and sonth chutney was the perfect accompaniment. #DeliciousDelicious

Course V – European Entree

Taro’s Nest: This had farm fresh vegetables cooked in holy sauce topped on crunchy noodle nest. While it is expected that the crunchy noodles that remain soaked in the sauce will turn a bit soggy however they felt a tad chewy, almost as if they were slightly undercooked.

Course VI – Oriental Entree

Parmagiani Ravioli: Homemade tomato, ricotta and wild marjoram ravioli cooked in saffron parmesan cream sauce and presented beautifully on a white plate with garlic bread. The sauce was expectedly creamy and flavorsome and the ravioli was cooked perfectly. #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

Course VII – Indian Main # 1 and Course VIII – Indian Main # 2

The mains of Clay Pot Cottage Cheese and Mausam ki Khaas Tarkari were served together with Indian breads. The paneer was roasted in a clay pot and cooked in a tomato curry with bell peppers. Resembled and tasted quite like the PTM. The mix veg sabzi was made using the freshest vegetables available in-season and served in a nice crisp papad-esque katori. Since they used the same tomato curry as the base gravy for both, there wasn’t any particular differentiating flavor in either.

Course IX – Indian Grains and Pulses

Hyderabadi Biryani with Boorani Raita: Traditional Hyderabadi biryani – the staple of the Nizams, accompanied with salan and boorani raita. Nice aromatic basmati rice, perfectly cooked and seasoned. Rich, creamy boorani raita which complemented the biryani perfectly. #YumYum

The wet towel presented to us just before the desserts too came with its own theater. A tiny puck of white when poured with water, suddenly rises to unfold a wet towel. So easily mistaken for a new-age dessert. ;-)

Course X - Dessert

While we were given an option to choose between Malai Pan ki Minar and Saffron Almond Soil; we decided to sample both. [We are dessert people!!]

The malai pan ki minar was a betel leaves and rose flavored mousse with milk chocolate topped with gulkand while the other dessert had Soil made with crumble of saffron and almond biscuits topped with saffron pistachio mousse finished with pistachio dust. While both were attractively presented, I preferred the flavors of the pan and gulkand in the minar. #YumYum #HighlyRecommended

All the dishes were so gorgeously plated so as to show off each and every component on it. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant however do not go just by the diet offering. I urge everyone to try it; a pleasant surprise and a new-found love for vegetarian food is guaranteed. So much so that this place is highly recommended by a ravenous carnivore as well.

A big shout out to Sannaya Kadam from Carpe Diem for inviting us and Team Classé for hosting us.

Classé by The Cooking Culture is located at Mariplex Mall, Kalyani Nagar.

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event.

This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency.

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