Looking stylish can be quite simple as long as you have the essential building blocks. While trends and fashion tend to change with every season, there are some items that will always stay evergreen and look good due to their class. These staple and classic pieces can be used at any time and give you a polished and refined look instantly. This also applies to your jewelry box and there are some great jewelry staples you should keep handy for enhancing your appearance subtly and elegantly. What are they? A few of them are listed below:

Diamond Studs

A must-have accessory for every woman, diamond studs can be worn whenever and wherever. Whether it is night or day, at work, a party or a special occasion, you never have to take these studs off as they can go with everything and lend you a charming look.

A Bold Cuff Bracelet

You can accent any outfit with the help of a simple cuff bracelet. If you want some extra oomph, it is possible for you wear the bracelet in stacks with others, which creates a fashionable and chic style on its own. You can get the most versatility out of metal bracelets with a clean aesthetic and a classic design.

Hoop Earrings

You can make a style statement and frame your face with hoop earrings. Opt for a pair that are scaled for your face structure and features. The recommended size is typically 1 to 2 inches. You can dress up your simple t-shirt and jeans look with simple hoops or you can add a touch of glamor to your appearance by wearing them with an up-do.


There is an endless variety of fashion rings you can find nowadays. These include knuckle rings, midi rings, cocktail rings, stacked rings and even double rings. Get the right mix of rings, which complement each other and in different styles and colors. You can even find gothic rings for adding a unique touch to your outfit, especially if you are attending a themed event or party. There are some unique gothic rings available at Bikerringshop if you want to add some to your jewelry box.

A Strand of Pearls

There is no accessory that can be more iconic than a strand of pearls. It has transcended trends for years and works for everyone, regardless of their age. You can move through all major moments of your life elegantly with a strand of pearls. You can dress up a casual look with them or make the switch from day to night by putting on a black dress with the pearls. The black and white contrast is a whole new look on its own.

A Layering Necklace

A versatile layering necklace can come in handy for creating numerous looks. It can be paired with anything from an evening gown to a plain t-shirt. You can even pair your shorter and delicate chains with longer and chunkier necklaces and look stylish and chic.            

Published by Arina Smith