Many users may not understand the current development of technology, saying that voice solutions remain in the classic VS1003 series chips and early ISD chips, but these complex and expensive schemes have been updated for many years, and the cost is lower. The more excellent solutions are simple, low cost and high stability.

At present, the mainstream classification of the market is as follows:

(1) the early stage OTP voice chip these are the most brilliant voice chips, the largest number of users, among which the OTP voice chip of the platform is the most widely used, including the car alarm, security guard, building intercom, voice prompt and so on, Most of the chip is mainly 4 bit machine, large amount, price can even achieve 5 cents a bit, the market on the market is still a lot of manufacturers are doing. 

(2) Hua Bang launched ISD series chip because of the ISD series of Hua Bang chips in the student group is very good, but the market is also large, but the amount is relatively large. Its unit price is relatively high, and these years are gradually replaced by other chips. In addition, China has gradually failed to popularize these chips, so this classic series has become a thing of the past.

(3) VS10xx series chip talk about this chip, have to mention the classic VS1003, still in the textbook still see, this is the once brilliant, although the factory has also launched a few similar, functional and very strong chip, but the popularity is far from the VS1003, the chip has just been introduced, basic This is an epoch-making product that satisfies many needs to decode MP3.

(4), Compared with the KT403A and KT603A chips, the two chips undoubtedly make the highest cost performance, although the sound quality is less than the VS10xx series chips, but at least 90%. Another advantage is that the price is less than half of that of the VS10xx series. The price is higher than that of OTP's voice chip, but the sound quality is 10 times better than that of the voice chip, and the voice can be changed and repeated at any time. The control mode is also very clear, which greatly reduces the user development cycle.

The circuit shown below is mainly composed of rotary switch S, transistor oscillator, relay K, bell HA, indicator EL and so on. When the power is switched on, the oscillator starts to work and the VT2 keeps on the cut-off, so the relay is constantly absorbing and releasing, indicating the light flashing, and the bell sends out discontinuous alarm sound. Changing the resistance or capacitance value of the oscillation circuit can change the oscillation frequency and change the flash frequency of the bell and the indicator.

This circuit is suitable for no access alarm at railway stations where people are on duty. Nine - chip electronics is the first brand of Shenzhen voice chip! The main products are voice chip, voice alarm device, bird repellent device, prenatal apparatus, voice and light alarm device and mouse repellent.

The explosion-proof fire and light alarm device (abbreviated alarm) is a non-coding alarm. It is applicable to an explosive gas environment where the T6 temperature group is contained in class II C. It can be used with the fire alarm controller of any manufacturer inside and outside the country. When accidents or fires occur in the production site, the control signals sent by the fire alarm controller start the sound and light alarm circuit and send out sound and light alarm signals to complete the alarm purpose. This product can also be used in conjunction with the manual alarm button to achieve the purposes of simple sound and light alarm.

This product conforms to the requirements of the GB3836 series standard. It has been certified by the state designated testing organization and has obtained the explosion-proof qualification certificate. The outer shell of the alarm is full of the stainless steel shell, the shock resistance of the lamp shell is strong, and with the 360 degrees clearly visible super bright LED light emitting tube. And it is equipped with super strong buzzer, which has the characteristics of stable work, long service life and low power consumption.

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