I think it is clear to everyone that what Leftism is has changed throughout the course of the years. Although many of these changes are positive, like promoting social liberalism, healthy multiculturalism (the one that promotes intercultural dialogue, not the poisonous "to each their own" variety that prevents people from properly critiquing other cultures), fighting racism, etc... One of the negative changes is to abandon the class struggle. The rise of SJWs is the reason why abandoning the class struggle was a stupid idea: leftists have forgotten what leftism is supposed to be and so they are adopting an ideology without understanding what its core principles are. The problem with SJWs is that they are trying to combat racism without understanding what racism is and what kind of discrimination actually counts as racism. This mistake is so common I can't really be silent about it anymore.

You see, when the far-right starts spreading anti-refugee rhetoric, it's not because they are nationalists or because they are racist - it's because they are classists; nationalism is just a post hoc rationalization. To prove this, let me ask a question: If a rich Syrian man wanted to live in your country, would you mind? No. Why? Because he doesn't "leech off the government". In fact, it was only when the Syrian civil war started to take place that foreigners have actually become a problem meaning that it's not actually racism that makes right-wing politicians spread anti-refugee rhetoric. In fact, I personally don't believe that right-wing politicians hate refugees more than they hate the poor, because, to be honest, if nationalism was truly the motivation behind why the right refuses refugees asylum, then you should expect that the right-wing would actually make an effort towards fighting poverty among its own citizenry. Unfortunately, that's not really the case. In fact, every time the left wants to pass a policy to help the poor live a decent life, the right are always the first to oppose such a policy. Their opposition often lies under the presumption that poverty is self-caused which is why they refer to welfare recipients as leeches and a burden on taxpayer money (which is, by the way, what most politicians actually are).

Another reason I believe that discrimination against refugees is mainly because of classism is because of the nature of the discrimination. Here is a popular talking point: "They're stealing our jobs". Whose jobs are they referring to? They're definitely not talking about the jobs of professors and doctors, those are pretty safe. They're mostly talking about low paying jobs: construction workers, waiters, janitors, and mostly jobs that require physical labour. No one is talking about university educated Syrians. In fact, most Lebanese can't tell the difference between a Syrian and a Lebanese, especially when both are in the same economic class and were both raised in Lebanon. Those who claim they could are either liars or completely delusional. Plus, if this was really about racism, then why isn't there wide-scale discrimination against Lebanese-Armenians, who are actually entitled to Lebanese citizenship? Why isn't anyone talking about how Armenians are an existential threat to the Lebanese race? Simple, because Armenians are usually situated in the middle to upper classes on the economic ladder.

As long as leftists have abandoned the class struggle, they can't really properly understand how the far-right have completely exploited the Syrian refugee crisis in order to gain power. They'll instead be stuck to mislabeling things as racism and generally acting like buffoons without being able to find a way to connect with the general populace.

Published by Omar Jamal