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I recently asked about classroom churches on facebook



Religion is one subject I discuss with both closed relations and far, new and old only if you don't take my words for what I say. As Dr Ray Hagins will put  it.

I live very close to some cluster of schools which I witness over 10 different churches in about three different schools on the same compond.

Talking with some teachers of the Obuasi Basic school complex, Kwabena Fori which are some of the schools within the cluster in my area, Mangoase.

As a boy and a son of a retired headteacher who used to give out keys to associations on their meetings, bands of fancy dress(masquerades) anchors to be precise. But never saw my mother giving her place to another religious denomination or is it because it was a mission school?  Only the scripture union which was a non-denominational sect.

Do churches contribute to the infrastructure of schools? 

In my talks with some teachers and from my survey, I've never seen nor heard any church within my area present books or furniture to a school. Have you ever seen one?

What is actually the need of allowing them to? It's like giving businesses opportunities to operate in classrooms. Since today church is now a big business in our communities.

Don't mistaken this for my hate for "God" because there's a lot of difference and meaning regarding this topic.

However, the blames falls back to ministry of education, MPs and government and these people has been quiet on these issues since they also belong to churches. This I find to be a disservice to the nation and the educational system respectively.

My Opinion 

If the church is not participating in the development of our learning institutions they don't deserve the honour to be in there.

It takes the intervention of some benevolent souls to paint our "public" schools.
Honestly, I haven't seen one in the past decade unless  St. Thomas Cathedral who are changing the phase of their environment.

Oh! Or 'they have their own temple of worship'? Why not get yours? Class is for learning not for worship.

Students don't get the chance to go to their school to study at evening times or weekends because it's booked by churches.

Deliverance sessions is a common act in our classroom.

I was once a member of a christain fellowship at Junior High School. We prayed after school hours, when we are done with extra classes.

The proprietress of my school, Queen Egyima School, ordered that be stopped! We took this behind the Obuasi Golf Park. In the bushes, we prayed till dark.

To some 'spirits' are casted during deliverance sessions. As a matter of fact, the innocent pupil shouldn't be the bearer or victim of some spirit 'casted and left'in his/her classroom .


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