We clean our home, our garage,our office even our garden shed, so therefore we should clean out ourselves in the same way..................our minds become full of things !!

So what happens when it gets full, we explode, collapse maybe even become really ill, we have a capacity just like anything else, but as they say, we are just glutons for punishment..... and to be fair, we can't see it, like you can in a garage, shed etc., but, I would think we are aware of things getting a little tight, maybe the odd headache, feeling low, sad, unhappy, grumpy maybe even down right unsoportable to others, the reason being, we are storing far to much stuff, yes stuff, that we do not need. So, clean out time, you need yourself for this, nobody else, and you need to decide where you are going to do this. I would suggest a nice familiar place, some where you really love, that you are fond of, it can be a place, maybe a nice view you enjoy, it can be a really comfortable rocking chair, armchair sofa, sitting under a tree in your favourite park or garden, somewhere or something that means something to you, your go to place, and one of the most important factors is peace and quiet, nothing human or electronic that will fight for your attention, this is a one on one special time, if you really want to do a good cleaning job, take a moment to get into your breathing pattern and slowly start to sink away into your known paradise, let all those thoughts, problems nagging little things out, just as if they were flowing right out of the top of your head, you can even run an inner conversation with yourself if you have a few awkward thoughts that don't want to leave of there own free will ! (there will be a few, that feel there importance is beyond leaving you in peace) NO away with them all, this is cleaning day and nothing is allowed to stay, you can invite back which ever one you want, but not all of them, when they start to drift out of your head, you have the opportunity to see, what is important and what is not, this is your HA HA moment, you will realise all the junk you have held onto for one reason or another, it was probably important at one stage, but it's gone now, let it leave, if it is something from your past, it will only come back if you allow it to, you control your thoughts, they do not control you, that is a golden rule you should always remember. When we take on a mental clean of this nature, the benefits for you are quite unbelievable, you will have more clarity, you will feel much lighter and prepared for new things to come, opportunities that will come your way, and room to make them welcome and grow, they can only do this in a healthy surroundings, which you have providing by cleaning your mind, you are ready to take on all those wonderful things that you want to, no one is fighting for a spot, you are the master of your mind and you control it's traffic. 

Published by Brooke Smitham