For almost 30 and 31 years of our lives, we ate whatever our hearts desired. We didn't know any better and we were not taught any better. Until recently. Before we continue, let us say that we are not being biased or judgmental - what we are trying to do; however, is live holy and acceptable to Yahweh by doing our best at living how His Word instructs us to live. We are not pointing fingers, condemning, mocking, or telling anyone they're going to hell for not doing what we think they should be doing.  We beg you to pray before reading any further and do not keep "us" in mind as you read.....but keep our Abba Father in mind as you read. Anything beyond our personal testimony is not our personal opinion - but Yahweh's Word. What you are about to read is straight from His Word, not taken out of context.

Now back to our personal testimony. For majority of my (Michelle) life, I ate whatever I wanted. My two favorite foods of all were chitterlings (pig intestines) and shrimp. Health-wise, I have always been a fairly healthy person. Not ever over weight, not very sickly, nothing usually over a common cold. I did have allergies and I did have a tumor removed from my right breast. Other than, nothing much. However, just because I appeared to look healthy, didn't mean I was actually healthy. What I mean is the things taking place inside my body (if not corrected) would have lead me down a path of high blood pressure, clots, clogged arteries, and more (perhaps sooner than later).

A couple of years ago, my husband began discussing the lifestyle change of eating kosher. At the time, it had nothing to do with our desire to "get back to basics" (Hebraic Roots). That hadn't quite surfaced yet. I had my baby girl before this change, and let me tell you something. I did NOT like taking vitamins. I did NOT like taking extra supplements. I did NOT like drinking extra fluids and drinks to help my vitamin and blood levels. I did NOT like trying to eat "different" to help naturally raise my iron level in particular. And you know what happened? I had a successful homebirth BUT had to transport due to hemorrhaging and needing a DNC to get the retained placenta that just didn't want to detach. So, my perfect homebirth turned into a trip to the hospital and an over night stay.

Nine months later, I became pregnant again.... but by this time, we had began our "kosher" eating two months prior. Guess what? I did not need ANY extra vitamins. I did not need ANY extra drinks. I did not need ANY extra foods in my "diet". I had an iron level of 12 without ANY extra help. I struggled to keep my iron at a solid 9-10 with the pregnancy before! This past homebirth (February 2016) was AH-mazing! I did not have extra bleeding. My iron was still at a 12 even after birth. The placenta detached and delivered beautifully and I had the homebirth of my dreams! The midwife didn't make it in time which meant my husband delivered our baby but how blessed was that?!?! Indescribable! Okay, before I turn this into my birth story..... the point is I KNOW we were blessed because of our decision to begin clean eating many months prior. That's just how God works!

So what we want to provide for you are resources that you can read and/or watch at your own convenience. These are people my husband and I trust and have also read and/or studied with/under. Since they have already done the laborious part of breaking down true contextual meanings of Scripture, given biblical references, and so on- I did not feel the need to do so all over again. We hope you are blessed by it!

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In the article Food Laws or Fasting? Misunderstanding Regarding Romans 14, the author does an amazing job of really helping us understand the context behind this particular passage. Reading articles like this help me to understand that I have got to get a handle on using my Western-Americanized mindset to understand God's Word which is coming from Hebraic mindset authors (Paul, Matthew, Mark, John, even Yeshua (Jesus) Himself). There is a BIG difference. I also realize that there is much to be said about knowing history behind the context in which Scripture was written. You'll see what I mean as you read. (click on the title of the article to be taken there)

Another Scripture that is often used in reference to God making everything clean is Mark 7:19. The author of Did Christ Declare all Foods Clean? Misunderstandings Regarding Mark 7:19, making valid points and shows how easily not understanding the context can really make it look like God is not the same yesterday, today, and forever. (click on the title of the article to be taken there)

Now let's look at some scientific research of clean and unclean animals.

In his article, Unclean Animals, Dr. Veith gives the shortest, but valuable explanation of why unclean animals are unclean. (click on title of article to be taken there)

Yes, The Scientific Evidence Says that Eating Pork does cause Cancer is an article that is more specific on the types of health issues derived from eating what is unclean according to the biblical food laws. It gives resources from the World Health Organization and USA Today. (click on the title of the article to be taken there)

Last of the articles is Scientific Proof. This has another article within it that shows actual toxicity levels among clean and unclean animals.


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Published by Michelle Huddleston