The hovering mist waits above the grass,

stretched green and yellow to the horizon.

Single rays of forever from the morning star,

birth and loom in the vacuum of an ethereal mist.   


Celestial darkness splits nova,

and stretches into the emptiness.

The disruption, cratered in bangs, brings dust,

and releases gas into the long bent black sea.

The frozen cold shoots long and slender

through the sky burning and unmelted

past suns and beyond nebulas.


This isn’t death, for in the continuum

there is none held or spoken about.


Frozen into the vast wonder of space,

eyes wide shut to be absorbed

in the forever end sign post

that marks the ages of my life.


Weightless in the vacuum, I swim

in the becoming. Light burns

a reconciliation to rise,

an atmospheric adventure

broken from a bond until light

becomes the dark, speckled with its seed.

Iced jingle-beads adhere to slender lines

until the sun breaks

and temporal cycles twist to evaporate.


The rains have passed

and the morning drops sustain vegetation.

A drought lifted in condensed layers.

Iced dew coats each blade long and bent.

And the hovering mist waits above the grass,

stretched green-yellow to the morning horizon.

Published by James Gabriel