This was by far my favourite hike of the whole trip (although closely followed by Trolltunga)! I had seen so many images of people standing on top of the boulder, surround by the most amazing view. So from seeing the first picture, I knew it was a must when we went to Norway!


I had read that the hike was rather difficult and had several steep climbs, so with this being our first real climb our legs were not quite ready! However, although the hike may be hard on the legs, its easy on the eye, the views were spectacular over the Lysefjord! 

The hike is 12km, with 500 metres of climbing. It took us around 6 hours to do the hike completely, including lunch and stepping onto the boulder. We were very lucky as at the boulder it was not too busy, unlike what we had anticipated, and we were able to hop onto the boulder in no time. 


The hike had 3 main climbs, which included chains to assist pulling yourself up. The 3rd climb was the steepest (I don't know whether our legs were just worn out from the 2 previous climbs), but after the 3rd climb, it's a pretty flat terrain until you reach the boulder. The trail is marked clearly with hundreds of red 'T' markers, so it was easy to follow. 


It was very cold when we went, so hat, coat and gloves were needed, as well as a good pair of waterproof hiking boots, as it was very muddy! But this is all worth it once you reach the boulder.

I must admit I was very nervous about stepping onto the boulder, as I am very clumsy and often fall over my feet, let alone having to jump onto a boulder, 1000 metres up with no safety ropes! I think Cole was also nervous, not for himself, but for me as he has experienced my clumsiness beforehand! 


We decided to go on together to get a picture. We had seen many different methods on how to get on the boulder, some people were on hands and knees crawling on, others were just jumping and so on. We both opted for a little leap of faith! People are very kind and offer to take pictures for you, often in hope you will offer the same for them, so a nice man took ours for us.  


Standing on the boulder was a very surreal experience, I couldn't believe we were standing on it!! Ever since I had seen the pictures of other crazy people standing on the boulder, I dreamt of doing it, and now it was becoming a reality. I did not look down, I just looked forward taking in the moment, but Cole did and he said he couldn't believe how high we were! 


We come off the boulder and was about to start the return hike when the man who had taken our picture came up to us and asked if we would take  one of him and his girlfriend, and then he lifted his trouser leg up and he had a box in his sock? He was about to propose to his girlfriend on top of the boulder!! We felt honoured to be capturing such a special moment, and also a huge responsibility to get an amazing picture for them! Thankfully she said yes, and the picture came out well. What an incredible way to propose. Congratulations to them both, they added to our day and we will remember that forever. 

I would 100% recommend this hike! Although it may be tough, when you step on the boulder it is an amazing experience. I will never forget that moment, and I will treasure the pictures forever.  

Published by India Paine