Winters are around the corner and we are in desperate need of a good moisturizer. So why not trying something new this winter? Moisturizers are cult no matter how many beauty products we use in our daily life, we can’t deny the importance of a moisturizer and sunscreen into our daily beauty regime. They will always be our saviours, guardians and protector. Yes, that is the kind of importance they hold in a girls life even the kind of ‘no make up’ girls can’t do without it. Although there are variety of moisturizers and sunscreen in the market from economic to expensive range. But the kind of credibility ‘Clinique’ provides can’t be denied. They are among the best in the market when we talk about moisturizer and sunscreen. Infact I don’t think that any other brand would be providing as much the variety as clinique provides for moisturizers which covers almost all type of age,skin and requirement. So here I am featuring all that the beauty giant ‘Clinique’ has to offer to you.



It is suitable for very dry to dry combination skin and provides hydration for the entire day. Spreads easily and get absorbed into the skin very quickly. You can feel the hydration without feeling greasy. The texture is very silky and it’s also lightweight. It’s allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. The packaging is pretty impressive with iconic Clinique yellow color and sanitary pump bottle.

INR 2,000/50ml
INR 3,750/125ml

What’s so special

Well this one moisturizer is relaunched and even better than before. As now it comes with barrier strengthening complex along with new moisturizing agentslike hyaluronic acid and glycerin etc. So it’s improved moisturizing technology. It’s also one of the Clinique top seller.

My verdict

It’s pretty expensive but all worth it once you start applying it. It’s the best for extremely dry skin types and very simple,no nonsense moisturizer which can be applied easily on the face anytime and any day. It also supports makeup well. It comes in a sanitary pump bottle which is great during travel or for usage.




It looks similar to ‘Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion +’ but it’s a gel which means it’s less moisturizing than the lotion which makes it a great moisturizer for combination to oily skin types. It won’t irritate and clog your skin. It’s lightweight,absorbs fast,non greasy and you can expect no break outs. The iconic yellow color in a sanitary pump bottle makes it look attractive and the packaging is deceptively similar to the ‘clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion +

INR 2,000/50ml
INR 3,750/125ml

What’s special

It provide oil free hydration with skin strengthening properties.

My verdict

If you have oily skin go for it but if not then don’t buy it as the hydration is not too much for dry skin people and also it has no spf protection.



It’s a rich cream-gel moisturizer which plumps skin with 24 hour moisturisation. It has a gel texture and oil free. It also helps repairing skin over time and hydrates instantly. Also it’s light weight and non greasy. It doesn’t contain alcohol too and great for holding make up too.It has a translucent pink color and comes in a container.

INR 1,950/30ml
INR 3,550/50ml

What’s special

The gel texture for the kind of hydration it provides makes it unique. Mostly creams are considered for hydration boost. One of the top sellers.

My verdict

The dry skin people can try it once and oily skin people can give it a try during winters. It’s pretty expensive so you really need to know your skin type before buying it.I felt that it’s moisturising with a gel like consistency and when it dries, it has a mattifying effect. It helps oil control during the day and holds makeup longer.



It’s a nourishing formula with sun protection. It provides all-day hydrationcreates a healthy moisture barrier to better resist irritants. There’s antioxidantsand UVA/UVB protection. It’s very silky and light in texture. clinique claims that it helps prevent the first signs of aging. It spreads evenly and absorbs super quickly too. It’s also oil free. It also comes in a container

INR 2,800/30ml
INR 4,150/50ml

What’s special

Broad spectrum Sun protection in a moisturising formula and all day complete protection which also prevents anti aging.

My Verdict

It’s filthy expensive no doubt but if you’re not satisfied with your simple hydrating moisturiser and want to go a level higher with all sorts of a formula in a single cream. This is it. But as it’s very expensive so buy a smaller container or rather try samples first to make sure it really really suits you.



It’s a soothing oil free cream with thick texture and broad spectrum SPF 20. It strengthens skin’s resistance to darkening with barrier repair. Instantly hydrates, brightens, clarifies! Also fragrance free like other clinique products and absorbs quickly in spite of being thick. It’s packaged in a jar.

INR 2,450/50ml

What’s special

Skin tone correcting formulation with moisturisation, sun protection and exfoliation properties.

My verdict

It’s good if you have redness or skin discolouration problem. the people with patchy skin can use it whenever they need a moisturiser else there are other good moisturiser that the brand has to offer to you.




 Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ for everyday usage and Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturizer SPF 20 if you want more from your moisturizer. All the clinique outlets also have this unique facility where there skin expert would ask you few questions regarding your skin concerns, register it on his tab and then the machine will tell you that which all beauty products you require. Personally I don’t like their container packaging as it may destroy all the antioxidant and may be germ prone but considering it’s formulation it’s a great product. I will still suggest you to buy small containers or rather use samples first and then go for the full sizes.


Well I will not talk much about their sunscreens as I have found them the best and especially Clinique Sun Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen Face Cream is very effective and caters to all kind of sun protection requirements and not very expensive too with INR 2,300/50ml if you consider the benefits and this much would cover you for entire summer so I find it worth the money.


Published by Swapnil Pandey