images-97Once again, it’s been brought to my attention that I’m a racist. Funny how I’m only a racist when a white person isn’t getting their way, or can’t shut me up. I love white people because without y’all there’d be no Kelsey Grammer to produce 8 seasons of my FAVORITE show EVER, Girlfriends. Without Girlfriends, there wouldn’t be a Med School or Rookie to follow for 9 years, it’s spin-off, The Game. Yes, Frasier did that!

Maybe the world would be a better place if y’all accepted us like we accept you! Considering we’re a melting pot, diversity is to be expected but to be treated unequal, being thought of as less than my peers because of the color of my skin is ridiculous. Obviously being white overrules everything, but how? What makes you so special?

Y’all still treat us like slaves, prime example JERRY FULLER!  NWA didn’t need him, we damn sure don’t need him now, so y’all can take him back, or I say let Suge out of jail. I’m thankful for the Clippers, JJ Riddick, Doc Rivers, and Blake Griffin  but y’all could have kept why does it seem all Donald’s think they’re above or better than someone? Take Donald Sterling and we’ll keep the Clippers, take back Donald Trump and any other Donald with a reckless ass mouth. Hell, Take Donald Duck, I can’t understand him anyway.  Then earlier I’m on the phone with a friend when he says,

“You need to watch what you say, you’re going to get blacklisted. Somethings you just have to bite your tongue and not talk about, this is America”

Thank you, Mr obvious! However, I regret to inform you the only time I bite my tongue is on accident. Not only am Idownload-64 fully aware of the country in which I’ve spent my entire life, but I completely understand this in fact is America and with me being African AMERICAN (African descendent but born in America), I too have rights. I have the right to an attorney, I rightfully can choose to not consent to  searches. I can practice any religion I want, and SAY & PUBLISH WHAT I WANT. I think that’s my freedom of speech and press.images-100

If Donald Trump can say what he wants, why can’t I? Unsure if it’s intentional or not, but he appears to be one racist, stereotyping sexist asshole. I think he should meet my ex, they’d have a nice conversation talking down on  minorities. Was it not Trump calling ALL Mexicans rapist and serial killers? Did he not share his plans of loading buses and sending Mexicans back to Mexico? Maybe I misunderstood, but if, in fact, it is the first thing he does as President, then what are you going to do?

Yet I’m the one told to tone it down, How? I say what you think but are too afraid to, BECAUSE I CAN! I’m not worried about a blacklist, black book, Black graph or chart. I haven’t even said anything wrong, I’ve just asked some questions and waited for answers most of you were too afraid to give.

WHAT THE HELL did I say that was so racist? When there’s not a racist bone in my body. I don’t know if any of you think I’m racist, if you do, you never said anything to me, so idgaf. To my knowledge the only person who thinks I am a racist called me a stupid fucker nigger bitch. Needless to say, his opinion doesn’t matter.What makes me a racist? Being aware? Asking questions? I can do that! Why allow me to do something but then turn around and punish me when I do it? Example, why give me an escorting license if you’re going to arrest me for prostituting? You knew what was going down when you issued me the license; you’re main concern, advice and only requirement/request of me was to,


download-65Are we playing games now? This sounds like a set up to me, considering it’s against to law to lie to them so what’s the difference between choosing words wisely and lying? I’d rather not play Who’s gonna get shut down today? Who’s the slickest anyways? Can I choose my wording wisely when filing taxes, or a police report? What about when applying for government assistance?

Why is it illegal to conceal a gun, but it’s not required to possess a valid Concealed Weapons License when purchasing guns? If guns are such a problem, why does Florida sell more guns than Californians sells girls? If you’re under 21, I believe, you can walk out of a gun store with a shotgun that same day, but it’s a 3 day wait, while a background check” is being completed for a pistol in Florida. Florida identification is all you need to get a gun, I know more Floridians with registered guns than High school diplomas.  Don’t make it so easy to do something, you don’t want anyone doing?

If I’m going on and on about something you don’t want to read about, DO READ IT! Is it that hard? Look, up in the top right corner, there’s a “✕”, and at the top, on the left side, there’s an “ ⬅” click either one for an instant solution to your problem. If I wanted to know what you wanted to talk about, I’d be reading your blog! Let’s not forget this is #ShyTalk, don’t want to hear #ShyTalk, why tf are you here?

Published by ShylahBoss Lee