I am from the state of Sabah in East Malaysia.  Sabah is situated on the island of Borneo neighbouring the small oil-rich country Brunei in the southwest and north Kalimantan of Indonesia in the south.  It is formally known as North Borneo during the British colonial time and has also been named the "Land Below The Wind" as it is strategically located below the typhoon belt.  

Among the 13 states that have made up my country Malaysia, Sabah is the most beautiful state in my humble opinion with its colourful culture and people, beautiful landscape with mountains, islands and age-old rainforests, and indigenous flora and fauna (Ok, I am bias!).  With that, it is not a surprise for Sabah to be famous for its eco-tourism!

I have been doing a bit of domestic travelling this year to explore what my home state has to offer. My most recent adventure was a 3-day/2-night trip to Tabin Wildlife Reserve near small town Lahad Datu in the east of Sabah.

The treks through the humidity intensified rainforests and the dusk and night drives on open-top truck that allowed us a glimpse of the various wild animals and birds in their natural habitat were just a few of the many awe-inspiring encounters during the trip.

I was totally refreshed and renewed after getting lost in the closeness of nature over that long weekend. What I brought home in addition to the treasured memories of an awesome trip was the nagging thought of how long it will be before we completely lose our beautiful nature --- the forests, the flora and the fauna, due to exploitation by human out of pure greed... and I wept. 

(My complete photo blog of this amazing journey is on my personal blog https://colourfulthreads.co/2016/05/15/into-the-wild/. Hope you will take a visit and be inspired. Thank you in advance for reading.)


Published by Evon Foo