Close to the Edge…


Very recently I’ve heard of a Business proposal.
Within the parties I’d heard this kind of talk from, there had been Ideas over the past few months;
In fact reaching as far as a few years – where I’d been helping out in this regard to some extent.


The IRONY is this,
Way back when I did utter my Worries and there wasn’t any attempt made at Listening.
To say the least, money was thrown into the water.
You by now HAVE to get the picture.


This time around, the additional Party found that ALL manners of help and Business prospective Partners weren’t coming to the table in working together.
To such an Extent, the Idea of circling the Drain was clearly visible in their Mind’s Eye!


This PIG-Headedness, that was contributed to the Idea that Certain Business Partners aren’t a Good idea to entertain a Business proposal with.
Some people will ONLY drag you down.


To say the least,
The LINED-UP business partners which would have put up the Money didn’t Materialize!
Now, the Circling thing was getting closer and Even MORE so…
Just because of Stupidity.


At the end of the day,
With ALL the doors shut in the Planner’s Face–
There’s just but ONE option before total Financial Collapse,


AND now, all plans and Actions has to be brought along Super Fast;
Seeing so much time had been Wasted before a Mature Adult decision was made!


That is the Ironic part,
If someone CAN help you,
Allowing you to run your Business without Interference
Supporting you in what you’d like to do–


WHY is it that your Ego has to get in the way.


If you cannot do it on your own, JUST maybe those who wish to help you,
They may be Honorable and willing to do just that.

THEN again,
I must admit that Fear and Uncertainty plays a role in most of ALL of our Decisions.


THE thing is this,
Being Grown-up is the Acceptance of making the
Decisions, living with them and Learning from them…


No one ever said, Life or Living or Planning or Running a Business was EVER going to be Smooth Sailing…


You can get out of the way, HELPING the system where other’s are willing to help you…?

Published by Cobus Vermeulen