We all have that someone that we will never forget.  We all have that person that will always have space in our exhausted heart. No matter how many times we use it for love or pain, there is someone that will always have it in a beat.

Years may pass, new places can cloud our experiences, new faces can be added to our lives but at the end of the day, as we settle alone in our room with a cup of coffee in our hands and beautiful sun setting for us, there’s that person that will suddenly pop in our head.  We might be thinking and asking, how is he, is he doing fine, is he thinking of me too though we are miles apart?  Does he ever ask for me or even mention my name to our old friends?  As simple as it may seem, it brings out so many feelings from us.  Feelings of excitement, sweetness, love, spark like fireworks, with twisted emotions of pain, emptiness, and hurt that we can hardly breathe from too much ache.  That person will always be the reason why we became this present us,  the reason why we still sit at coffee shops alone,  sipping our favorite frappe while scribbling in our journal some lines that can lead us to poetry.

I will always have that person as the reason why I’m writing this in the middle of the night coz of too many thoughts about him.  I will always have that someone as the answer to my questioning poetry, phrases and black and white photos.  I will always have that person in my heart no matter how hard I use my brain to forget him and try to love another person.  I may love again and marry someone someday but that someone will always be the past like a book sitting on a shelf that I will never open again because I’ve already read the sad ending.  Like a poem that I will never dare to read again coz it’s the only thing, I can do for my heart that was scarred enough to leave it all behind and reserve all the pieces left for that future someone meant for me the moment it started beating in this world.

To that someone who will always have space for me, thank you and though we live between too many walls, I will always cherish you and the moments we had.  But it’s time to let you go, our story has ended and you’re a closed book that wasn’t meant for me to hold on to.



Photo Credit: Ada Concepcion (ada.concepcion.1217@gmail.com)

Published by Tina Maria