I am afraid of closing doors in my life.  What if I need to walk through that door again?  What if God didn't want me to close that door?  What if I shut someone out by closing the door?  What if I am left all alone by too many closed doors?

This week doors have closed, but they have not been closed by me.  God has been closing a door in my life over the last several weeks, and on Wednesday it finally, and quite loudly closed once and for all.

I work for a radio station in Murray, Kentucky.  One of my coworkers, and a longtime friend, made a rather unceremonious exit.  He had reached the end of his tolerance for wrongs that he perceived as done to him.  I had no forewarning as to what he was going to do.  He made his grand exit via email.  When I read his email I could hear God slamming the door shut on that friendship, a friendship that I had been unable to let go of though its circumstances had completely changed.  When I read his email I could hear God slamming the door shut on that chapter of my work life.  No longer was I going to be a follower in the radio station . . . "You tell me what to do, and I'll do it."  Now, after 4-and-a-half-years, I am the highest seniority employee at the station.  People are looking to me for answers and leadership.

Leadership has never been my strength, but God has been working on that within me in the last several months.  If left to my own devises, I will quickly acquiesce to submission.  But in the last couple of days I have needed to step up and carry the station forward.  Just because the staff leaves doesn't mean the radio stops broadcasting.  Sponsors want what they paid for whether there is anyone at the station or not.

When my coworker made his sudden departure, he left us quite high-and-dry.  We had no idea how to do his job.  By the end of the day yesterday the radio station had successfully removed any trace of him from the building, and we have everything we need to go on in his absence.  He thought he was leaving us in a tight spot by quitting his job on-the-spot, but all he proved to be was a minor inconvenience.

God shut doors on the past, but opened doors that will lead to the future.  I just had to use the gifts he had given me, the trust that I had give Him, and the faith that he would see me through.  When we put our trust and faith in people, they will always let us down.  When we put our trust and faith in God, He will never let us down.

Until next time . . .


Published by Heather Flood