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Dare I say, I have a chaotic, disorganized wardrobe, which can be a nightmare for all the organized souls out there! But, ironically it taught me how to be organized for my own self without having to impress anyone!

As far as I can remember,  I am habitual of setting my wardrobe in an orderly fashion, arranging things like most of the girls would do, but then gradually start turning it into a rubble, piling clothes up. I am accustomed of tossing dresses inside the closet after getting them off without a second thought. I dread closet cleaning, and for almost my entire life, I remained ashamed of such an unruly habit, as having a prim and proper wardrobe is a sign of being a “sugghar” girl. Remember the common phrase “who will marry you”?  Yes, it specially fits a girl whose closet resembles a post war city.

Despite my mother’s scorns, and her untiring lectures on the virtues of being a well ordered girl, my closet continues vomiting dresses. After giving this some thought, and trying to make sense out of it, I have realized this is not as shameful as it sounds. I have been relating my wardrobe mismanagement with a nasty behaviour but this is who I am, and I am embracing it now!  What you are going to read below might seem outrageous and even offensive-specially if you are a neat wardrobe advocate-but there are a few things I learnt from this creative chaos for better or for worse.

1. The unkempt wardrobe helps me make a quick decision about what to wear. It saves me time from going through the neatly hanged pieces only to end up getting confused. The attire which is easier to drag out of the rubble is my day’s pick!


2. I can wear more out of my closet. As my favourites dresses continue drifting further inside, I can focus on the not so favorite ones too.


3. Wardrobe management is easy: open the closet, grab the dress, flaunt it for the day, toss it back! Go, get more important things done!


4. It helps me remain down to earth! *yes, you read it right*. Carelessly folding and tossing even the expensive/branded pieces gives me a sense of mundane ownership.


5. Time earned from not keeping my wardrobe in order helps me channel my energy on more important things like my online store, scheduling blog posts here, pampering my cat, scrolling Facebook, blah blah blah.


6. My mother doesn’t have to fold my clothes if she washes them as I just have to stuff them as a ball inside the closet. She doesn’t buy it as a favor though. *sigh*


7. My wardrobe gives me a perception of an art studio with abstract artwork scattered which I can have a look at and get inspired from *I have quite a collection, you bet*. There have been instances when my messy closet acted as an incubator during tough decisions like whether to dump my ex boyfriend, switch job, start my own business, etc. All I had to do was stare blankly at my clothing explosion and the right ideas/decisions would pop in.


8. Finally and most importantly, I feel an artistic achievement by keeping my clothes quite unruly. Sounds unreasonable? Not to me!

I always shied away from opening my closet in front of anyone and apologizing if someone gets a peep at it. But, as long as my clothes are washed, and my messy closet gives me a sense of organization or imagined freedom, I don’t need to impress the outsiders. Do I?

Note* If all of the above sounds gross or unsettling to you, this is exactly what I intended!



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