Imagine that you’re a lonely cloud hovering. Can you do that? Imagine that your thoughts are projected onto a cloud that is detached and free-floating above yourself. You can look down and see everything.

If your imagination is rusty, go back to a time in your childhood when the things you imagined felt real.

Imagine you’re a lonely cloud during a business meeting, stuck in traffic or in some other kind of unpleasant situation. As you hover above yourself – without worry, without care – imagine that you are immune to insults. You are immune to attacks. You are immune to anger.

cloud hoveringIn lonely cloud form nothing anybody can say or do will irritate you. You are impervious to annoyance! In your lonely cloud essence, you can make some interesting observations about the nature of enjoyment.

First, you notice that it is just you up there hovering. No one can join you. It is your cloud. That is why it's lonely, but, it’s a good kind of lonely. It’s lonely because it’s just you, but you like it. If someone tried to get onto your cloud, you’d say, “Hey! You! Get off!

As a cloud hovering, you notice that there’s a connection between your feeling of enjoyment and the feeling you have of being alone inside of yourself. Your thoughts are not tethered. You can use your imagination to feel enjoyment. If you contemplate yourself as a cloud hovering from both sides now, being alone is what you know.

Unless you have a split personality disorder, being alone is the only way you can be. You are alone and have always been ever since your eyes adjusted to the light and you came to know yourself outside your mother.

hummingbirdYou are alone, but this isn’t sad. You are not unhappily alone or lonely “lonely”. There is really no other way to be you. You can share a connection with other clouds, but only you can know your cloud from the inside looking out. You’re like a hummingbird, humming the song that is your life.

As a lonely cloud hovering, you realize that enjoyment is a personal experience. When other clouds crowd together, there’s static. It can be energizing, but clouds can rub each other the wrong way and when that happens, there are explosions until someone cries and then everyone cries and you’ve got a storm on your hands.

Second, as you hover like a lonely cloud, you notice the absence of extreme pain. You realize that extreme pain counteracts enjoyment. It could even be said that a day without extreme pain is enjoyable. If you remember feeling extreme pain, you probably don’t remember there being anything funny about it. One is less likely laugh when feeling extreme pain.

loneliness is a gift from heavenIn your imagination, as you hover like a cloud or a hummingbird – if you are tired of being a cloud – you know that in whatever bad situation you might be in, it could be worse.

It has been said that there is no beauty equal to life. It would certainly be more difficult to know beauty if there wasn’t a you to perceive it. As a person who has found the secret thrilling life of intense happiness, you do not need a lot of stuff or acquaintances. You can contemplate. Contemplation is more important than these things. Find out what you know then hum the tune before you’re out of time.

Published by Philosophy of ENJOYMENT