The good ole Republican Party no longer exists - it'll take more than reform.  It needs a total "redo" and "face lift."

This dark money is by all appearances, not just dark but dirty.  The basic rules for these dark money groups states that they may participate in nonpartisan political activity, but ½ of their money must go for social welfare activities. 

Dark money organizations are tax exempt; they  do not have to disclose donors and the laughable part of this scenario is this, the IRS has been given the job to monitor these motely groups.

According to Merriam Webster “non - partisan” means free from party affiliation, bias, or designation and/or “ not supporting one political party or group over another : not partisan” 

Listen to the ad that Club for Growth put out on Donald Trump.  The tax hike they’re talking about was made by Donald Trump in 1999 for a select group of people.  This tax hike was not against the poor, middle class, senior citizens or our college graduates.  Remember he wasn’t running for President of the USA and was talking about those with a net worth of 10 million to be paid over a 10 year period.

"This one goes back to Trump's 1999 campaign for the Reform Party," said Gillin.  "His plan to erase the national debt was to tax everyone who had a net worth of $10 million a 14.25% one-time tax on their entire wealth, and it would have raised, according to Trump, $5.7 trillion, and that would have wiped out the national debt."

Healthcare is another lie – go here and do a little homework.  This information is from Steven Tucker, a man who has studied health care policies for years.  Here is what Steven, once a staunch Cruz supporter says, I have bit my tongue long enough.

 As a delegate for Senator Ted Cruz I have been placed into a difficult and increasingly uncomfortable position and now I have had enough!  Continuing to support Senator Cruz after he repeats incorrectly and ad nauseum that A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Obamacare and, that “if you vote Donald Trump, you vote for Bernie Sanders-style socialized medicine. Or even worse that Trump, Clinton and Sanders“have the identical position on health care” has forced me into a crisis of conscience. These are statements that even the left leaning Politifact has correctly identified as FALSE.  

Steven shares with all that you can get Trump’s ideas for healthcare from 2 of his books; (1) Time to Get Tough (2011), and (2) Crippled America 2015. 

No, Senator Cruz, Donald Trump Does NOT Support Single Payer Health Care...

Trump did try to use eminent domain to attain Vera Coking’s ocean front property for a parking lot for his casino – courts said no, Donald walked away and “no” unlike what Cruz said he did not bull doze Vera’s house down. 

Like Donald said the Courts do allow “eminent domain” and actually allow one’s property to be taken at fair market value.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t have railways, freeways anything that fits into the public service bracket.

Many States use this law for private investors to build condos, big stores or corporate business buildings or headquarters.  So yes, eminent domain is often used if benefits the public. 

Ted Cruz had a raving fit when his children was tossed into the political ring and used as political dummies – it was obscene and nasty.  But look at the ad Cruz did on Donald Trump using little children like robots – again not just poor taste it merely shows Cruz isn’t exactly that lily - white Conservative that he would like ever one to believe.

So folks, here’s what “dark money” is used for by some groups hiding behind names that infer they’re involved in promoting social welfare for all. This 1.5 million dollar ad has 3 candidates they are supporting, Cruz, Bush and Rubio and this Club for Growth has vowed to take Donald Trump down and at the same time kicked Americans to the curb. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Tboca’s Soapbox:  One comment only on this dark money.  This is the ugly face of the Washington cartel - It is big red flag that Cruz, Bush and Rubio are in fact dyed-in-the wool “insiders” and they’re mighty beholding to these dark money groups.  

Published by Marcia Wood