Well hello, I'm Jasmine and on today's topic I'll be speaking about CNN NEWS. The reason why I want to speak about this is because of how biased they are. Now you may ask " why would you think that?" Well here's the reason: whenever they speak about the presidential debate or anything involving Trump and Hilary, they always bash Trump. Even when Hilary is just as bad as he is. I mean like com'n, we get it! You don't like trump, but that doesn't mean that Hilary is perfect.

Whenever she bashes Trump she praised by the news reports, while on the other hand, if trump even bashes Hilary the news reporters make such a Big deal! Now I'm not saying Trump is perfect because he's not, but what I'm trying to say is that they're both bad. But CNN has to know that they can't only bring people who support only one side. If we're going to hear only one side of the story, what's the whole point of the news, right? The Whole Point of the election news room is to hear what's going on with the elections , but as i said before; what's the point watching the News if all i'll hear is " Hilary is the best, Hilary is the one, Trump is terrible, trump is a pig.. ect" 

Hell even when they show the polls on CNN I don't even trust them, i end up looking up other sites for the information because of how bias they are. For all we know they could be increasing her numbers.

 Now that's just my opinion on how I see CNN, maybe you'll think differently. 

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