Yippee for a simple recipe. You don't need an oven to bake or a stove to cook. Most of the ingredients are available at home. I personally make icing sugar at home. Just put proper amount of sugar in the mill and BRRRRRRR there you have it. The ratio of sugar will change if you are putting in the sweetened Cocoa powder, so just taste it before proceeding.





Powdered Milk

2 cups

Coconut powder

2 cups – separate few spoons in a plate

Icing sugar

1 ½ cup or as needed

Cocoa powder -unsweetened

2 table spoons


As required

Cupcake wrappers/liners

Not necessary




Mix everything in a bowl with the required amount of butter. The mixture should stick together properly for it to take a shape. Now, take the mixture in the hand and make it in a round shape. Apply a small amount of butter on the balls and roll them in the separated coconut powder. For decoration purposes put the balls in the mini cupcake liners.



Published by S Khan