January was a flop when it came to Bible study. But, it's a new month and a new chance to do better. I made the decision on Wednesday to commit one morning a week to having a "coffee date with Jesus." Once a week. Doesn't sound like much I know. But the way I see it, once is better than not at all. Plus, as the year goes by I intend to increase the frequency so that eventually I'm studying every day.

So, now that I've committed, what am I using to accomplish this? First off and most important, my Bible. Right now I have an NIV, but next weekend I'm getting a new Bible for my birthday and I'm hoping to find and ESV. I'm going to start Bible journaling if my artistic abilities, or more accurately, lack there of, allow me to. Check out Pinterest if you're interested.

I also have a notebook that I'm devoting to this endeavor. It has several different sections so, once tax season is over I can have a separate section for the study I have with my husband. I could also include a section for prayer requests if I get that ambitious. We'll see about that one though. So in the notebook, I'm righting down the book and chapter that I'm studying, a once sentence summary, a verse from the chapter that I like and why I like it, and any questions that I have.

And finally, what's a coffee date without any coffee? Except, I was the only one drinking the coffee. But, I drank enough for the both of us so maybe that counts for something?


Published by Nichole Quade