If we were having coffee right now I'd have a huge smile on my face. I love chatting away about life while sipping away at a caramel macchiato.

In a couple weeks I'll be traveling to Lebanon to visit my family for the month of July. I only see them once a year. Even though they are a sea away, I still keep in touch with them through WhatsApp and Facebook. I have 12 first cousins and 4 second cousins. Some of them are married, while the youngest is 3 years old! They all know English, French and Arabic. While I make fun of their English, they make fun of my Lebanese(Arabic).

The past few times I've gone to Lebanon, I've been going out with my older cousins in the evenings. Lebanon is proudly known as the Party Capital of the Middle East. The night life is so much fun! I'll be sure to post about it when I'm there.

Other than those outings. My family likes to go on day trips to tourist sites. We've been to...


130413-004-c87723221. Baalbek "In Greek and Roman antiquity, it was known as Heliopolis. It still possesses some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in Lebanon, including one of the largest temples of the empire."




2. Byblos "...built by Cronus as the first city in Phoenicia.[2] It is one of the cities suggested as the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world and the site has been continuously inhabited since 5000 BC.[3] It is a UNESCOWorld Heritage Site."



3. Beit ed-Dine "It had 1,613 registered voters in 2010 and its inhabitants are predominantly Christians from the Maronite, Melkite and Greek Orthodox denominations.[2] Beit ed-Dine's total land area consists of 244 hectares and its average elevation is 860 meters above sea level.[1] The town is well known for the Beiteddine Palace, which hosts the annual summer Beiteddine Festival."


632652325_f4b1ff2ed44. Harissa This is where my family lives. "Harissa is accessible from the coastal city of Jounieh either by road or by a nine-minute journey by a gondola lift, known as the Téléphérique. Harissa is home to an important Lebanesepilgrimage site, Our Lady of Lebanon.[2] It attracts both pilgrims and tourists who want to enjoy views of the bay of Jounieh."


wakeboarding-in-the-jeita-grotto5. Jetia Grotto "Aside from being a Lebanese national symbol and a top tourist destination, the Jeita grotto plays an important social, economic and cultural role in the country. It was one of top 14 finalists in the New 7 Wonders of Nature competition."

There are many more places. Maybe I'll make up a list in another blog post... ;)

If I could explain Lebanon in one sentence, I'd say,

A country famous for cuisine and hospitality, where you can ski and enjoy the beach in the same day.

Other than going to Lebanon, I'm planning to hang out with friends, take some day trips, swim, volunteer, and, of course, keep running my blog justgeeklyfab.wordpress.com!! <3

I'm hopefully going to post some vlogs while I'm overseas, so that you can watch me venture through my homeland.

Let me know if you'd like to know more about Lebanon! Do you have and plans for the summer? I'd love to read about them in the comments :)


p.s. - All the short descriptions are from Wikipedia.

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