The amount of time I spend at coffee shops may seem a little ridiculous to some people. They may see it as a waste of time, as well as a waste of money. However, I never feel as if my willingness to spend hours sitting at a coffee shop, sipping on an amazing latte while writing, surfing the web, or even just enjoying the atmosphere is a waste. Even now, as I write this, I am sitting at Just Love, a coffee shop I call my second home (as I have spent many, many hours here). Here is why I don't see it as a waste of any kind. Whenever I'm in such places, I feel motivated. More so than when I am anywhere else. When I'm in this environment, I feel as if what I do is important, and I strive to complete projects that I haven't worked on in days. The people around me, in their own little worlds, drinking their coffee, and enjoying their company spurs me into action. So I write blog posts that I have been meaning to put together, I work a bit on the novel I am writing, and I study for upcoming tests. I brainstorm photo series ideas and how I will carry those projects out. The cute coffee shops that I visit almost religiously are my safe havens, where I can get away from the world while also being very much apart of it.

Not only am I motivated to work, but I am also able to observe people going about their daily lives while they stop by their favorite coffee house. As an aspiring photographer, I like to observe people in their daily routines and think about how I would like to capture the moments. Culture is very interesting to me, and a perfect place to be surrounded by it is in a coffee shop. Each coffee shop has its own culture, and it is wonderful to be a part of. Also, in coffee shops there is no shortage of kind deeds. Many times I have been the recipient of such compassion. For instance, one day at my favorite Starbucks back home, the barista made a man's coffee the wrong way. Instead of complaining or causing a scene, he just very kindly gave the coffee to me. 

And of course, I cannot leave out the amazing beverages served at coffee houses. I've never been disappointed. The coffee peps me up and adds on to the already existing motivation from the environment. Trying new drinks is definitely enticing; I look at it as a little adventure. The baked goods, such as: macarons, scones, banana nut bread, and cookies make the experience even better.

Last but not least, I love the aesthetic of coffee shops. Each has its uniqueness that I love to capture with my camera. Recently I have really gotten into analog photography, so whenever I visit coffee shops my Canon AE-1 Program is always on hand. I have not completely left behind digital, however, so my Nikon D7100 is usually with me, as well. Not only do I enjoy capturing the people inside the coffee shops, but also the coffee and the shop as a whole. Here are a few of my favorite shots that I have gotten so far:


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