When you shift to a new home, renovate your old home or add on things to your existing home, one of the most common things that you need to do is change your coffee table with a new one.

A nice coffee table makes your home look beautiful, provides a place in your living room to keep your things like your coffee cup over a coaster, newspapers, fruit basket or stretch and rest your leg on it while sitting on the sofa to chill with your friends and family. If there is a storage space in your coffee table, it acts as an add on benefit to the existing ones.

Urban Ladder has a wide range of products related to home décor and best prices. There are various types of coffee tables in the market, and you can find a wide variety of them with Urban Ladder. There are different types of materials used for making coffee tables. Some of them are –

1.    Wood

Wood is one of the common products used for creating coffee tables. Wood is used to create coffee tables of different size and shapes. The weight of the tables depends on the weight of the wood that is being used to make the coffee table. Various options of wood coffee tables are available at Urban Ladder.

2.    Metal

Metal is also a very common material that is used to make coffee tables. It generally has sleek legs and the weight of the table is generally lighter than wooden tables. Metal is often clubbed with other tops like wood and glass.  A wide range of metal tables can be found at Urban Ladder.

3.    Glass

The coffee tables do not generally have glass legs, but have glass tops. They are often clubbed with metal legs or wooden legs. Glass tops are the most preferable table tops for a coffee table, as is is easier to remove the cup stains and also adds to the beauty of the table. However, there is always risk of the glass being broken, but still it is easy to maintain. You can find a wide range of coffee tables with glass tops at Urban Ladder.

4.    Marble

Recently, coffee tables made of marbles are becoming common. Marbles are very heavy and difficult to move. However, they look extremely beautiful, and a lot of beauty to your living room. It is easy to clean and maintain. The marble tops generally remain cold. It has recently started gaining popularity in the Indian market, because of its amazing looks.

5.    Leather

Leather is not used as the leg of the coffee table, it is used as the table top with wooden legs and ads on the look of the room, especially if it is a little vintage. It is comfortable to your feet if you want to stretch your legs and put on it while you enjoy a movie in your living room with a popcorn. You can find a range of leather top tables at Urban Ladder.

There are some other types of coffee tables as well, like tables with cushioned stools inside them. It is helpful for smaller areas and the utmost utilization of space. Check out wide range of coffee tables for your home by Urban Ladder.

Published by Kaushal Shah