All I need is a little coffee and a whole lot of Jesus 

Have you seen the above statement floating around on social media?

In a lighthearted way it points out that Jesus is or should be the #1 priority of each day. I wrote a little about this subject in the earlier post  . At the end of that post I mentioned that I planned to write about practical ways to start your day with Jesus.  So here we go   13265950_628308763999106_4704105222176369121_n

You've set your alarm for an earlier time. Climbed out of bed and put the coffee on to brew. So now what?

Years ago I used to get out and have a walk first thing very early in the morning even before coffee. It was a brisk walk around the neighborhood while all was still and quiet. I remember it was a rich time of prayer, praise and listening for the Lord.  But I have not taken the morning walk and talk with Jesus in a long time.


However writing about it is making me think I might just start doing it again. The summer season is the perfect time to start this while early mornings are so pleasant. Putting an activity with the quiet time helps to establish it as a habit and pretty much makes it impossible to forget.

Right now the only activities I'm combining with my quiet time are pouring my coffee, and toasting a muffin or bagel. I sit down with my Bible and journal ready to meet with Jesus. For me pouring my cup of coffee and spending time with Jesus go together.

Whether you call this time                               coffee-cup-1260090_1280

  • quiet time
  • morning devotions
  • coffee with Jesus
  • breakfast with Jesus...                                         
    The important thing about morning quiet time is to start the day with Him.
    I like to have my Bible, journal, daily devotional book and current Bible study all within my reach. I spend some time reading the Bible and while reading I'm listening for what God is saying to me through that portion of His word. This is usually followed by a little prayer time and writing in my journal. The subject of keeping a journal is a subject that I will talk more about later in another blog post.
Visit the Bible Study page at for lots of great resources.   
I can't stress enough how important it is not to be misled into thinking that the purpose of your quiet time is to check off a list of things to do each day. Growing closer to the Lord, knowing Him more and simply sharing the start of each day with Him is the true goal.
Did you meet with Jesus? Did you start your day with Him? That's it, that's what it's  all about.                    13346847_632016023628380_8906027521766968586_n

Over time you will start to see the morning meeting with Jesus as treasured moments with your Lord and Savior. You won't want to rush but savor the sweetness of being alone with Him. You will look forward with anticipation to the start of your day with your King and hearing what He says to you. Knowing Him more and becoming more aware of His love for you will happen day by day.

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Published by Lynn Bradley