Coffee and Walks.. Intro


OK hello my name is Perry.


I am from New Zealand, at this point all the rest is not important, I am a struggling kiwi trying to find life's balance between the thing i love to do and paying the rent, as of late iv decided against doing what society would like because age dictates these are the thing that are necessary as an adult. NO!! No more. my life has been full of imbalances full of lefts and rights and ups and downs, and although I am truly grateful for these moments being so erratic they have made me the well balanced human you well ever meet, which i speak in the utmost honest and humble way talking about yourself to yourself is great for the soul or the ego which ever you feel is better its up to you. I am from a small town here in New Zealand called Hamilton, a leafy town of 150,000 which granted our whole entire country has a little over 4.5mill its relatively large saying it out loud, anyway this town is full of 1 of 2 types of people now bare in mind this is the opinion of my own and that's really all I want to say about that, so 1 of 2 types first of them are close minded, racist non law abiding righteous un-cultured/cultured fuck heads you will ever meet, or you are in group 2 of the 17-25 and are a student living the the party? Hardship? Study? Noodle? life. Which makes the rest of us who are borderline normal, such a mind fuck to live here, anyway you do what you do because you live the life you lead.

For the moment (which this moment has been about 10 years now) I am currently working in a restaurant here called Madam Woo a Malaysian Hawker street food inspired asian food made in a kiwi food type of arrangement? now I am all about food I love it iv never been a big fan of cooking so to speak Ill cook to survive because that's what my body needs but that's it, but i love the ideas of others and how they are so creative and can translate thier inspirations and creative juices into something beautiful, another big part of me is coffee and that speaks enough for its self,


So in this journey of words we will discover new things together we will drink coffee and eat food in all walks of places, to be complacent and opinionated but in the least judgmental way known to man, instead lets get to know the idea and vision of a establishment and put that to the test and judge on a level which is thier own, if you decide based on a experience i have shared that you also want to experience the same, GREAT that's all i want in the end, service is all apart of the experience that's no doubt but I am not going to care about these things as long as a server takes my order and i get what i paid for who cares, if you care there are sites like TripAdvisor these sites are created just for things of thoes nature.         


So as an Intro to me I thought I would introduce myself and say what I am about, where I come from and where I would like this to go but to be fair i feel if i am to be completely honest as I said I am a struggling kiwi trying to find life's balance just to pay the rent something in my life needs to change, because another big part of me is travel or lack of or not enough of, so its time to give society the middle finger and a big Fuck You!! and move home to my parents.

............ill be right back......          

Published by Perry Leaf