Last week I was in Northumberland and while walking through a small village my mum spotted a community building which had a sign saying music and Photography in the window. As I am taking photography this year she persuaded us to go and have a look inside. We got inside and there was an old man, around 55, sat behind a desk and lots of photographs hung up all around the room. They were amazing, most of the photographs were rock stars such as Freddie Mercury, ACDC, the rolling stones and many more.

The guy behind the desk was called Steve Emberton and he did music photography as a career when he was younger. We got to chat with him and he does classes as well as selling his photographs. He said he had raised money out of the photos to buy something for the harbour which is just outside the gallery. There was also a newspaper article of him for doing so that was also hung up in the gallery. If you searched 'Steve Emberton photography' in google then his website should be the first to come up and it shows all of his work on there.

After we left the gallery my mum kept going on about how it was fate that we ended up there, but I think it was just a coincidence. Its weird putting the two together because they mean the same thing since either word means you end up at the same place. Let me know in the comments.

(Disclaimer: This was not a sponsor just something that happened in my life which I'd like to share) 

Published by Lauren Abrahams