Cold weather snap!


I live in Melbourne Australia and it's supposed to be Spring..........ahahahahaha!!! Yeah right........who stole the friggin sun?!  It's been raining all week and I'm wondering if there's going to be an Ark floating by any second now.....

This does happen every year, as it rains on my Birthday EVERY year!!  And that's in 2 days.


So after a few (I mean 2) nice sunny days it's back to muddy car parks at work and a muddy driveway and yard at home.  Also wiping my psycho dog's paws when he comes back inside heading straight to dive bomb my bed and getting covered in mud myself.


Just as I started wearing a dress to work, it's back to jeans and jumpers and boots.  So here are a few ideas to beat the cold weather blues.


All of these items are designed for comfort, yet they look bang on trend as well.  I love that if I'm having an off day.

Same with this clothing set, I love the long shirt with a short sweater over the top.  You can buy tops already made this way if you want to save on washing, but, you still need to iron the bottom half.  This top goes best with a skinny jean, as the jeans show off shape below the waist.  At least have one item of clothing accentuating your best parts.



Suuze :)

Published by Susan Crowe