Cole Dockery is a 22-year-old who managed to form a 7 figure Agency who got started by selling services and product online just four years ago. Cole found out that college was not the best option for him after graduating from his school with only a 2.3 GPA and went straight to working. His first job was at a factory which was a nicely paying job. However, his dream was to become a full-time digital entrepreneur so he decided that its best that he quit his job.


That same year Cole managed to generate his first 100k at only 18 years old by selling products and services through simple Facebook funnels and ads. Since then, Cole has created an entire online empire that focuses on selling products and services. So far, in 2019, Cole has generated over two million dollars in sales with his eCommerce agency which now has over 15 employees.


Cole Dockery wishes to spread his ways of success, so here are some of his best tips about how to reach the first $100k in eCommerce.


When getting started or even trying to prosper you have to find the skill sets that make money and then focus on growing that skillset. You must become obsessed with being the best at that particular skill set or step.


For example, when running some kind of a profitable E-commerce store, multiple skill sets and stages can go into creating a 6 to 7 figure store. Instead of focusing on learning and studying, you have to focus on what fits you best and outsource the rest.


Start documenting your progress and journey. A lot of people are afraid to start because they hate being seen at the bottom, but the simple truth is that everything around us has started from the bottom. Building a brand is very essential to increasing your income and achieving true freedom through E-commerce. As you start developing your skill sets it is important to share value to all those who are in your niche.


You need to position yourself as a power player in the industry, and before long, you will have people begging to pay you for advice, services, and coaching. It is all about positioning and perspective. Remember your first language is always going to be someone else's second language, and people will always be prepared to way you for that


My last tip is that you always should have a focus on the money. People will tell you to stay away from that idea and you should never go and change the money since things like money are "evil" and that money will not make you happy.


Everything that says is right. Lack of money can create evil, and money cannot make you happy, but it can seriously help you to do more of the things that can ultimately lead to making you happier. Without money, your business cannot last, and your dream of becoming an entrepreneur will turn into a hobby. That is why you need to build a cash machine of business and watch how your life transforms.

Published by john paret