I was inspired to become a registered massage therapist after I had taken a year of Business Administration courses through the Red River College. I decided I don't want to work at a desk all day, I want to do something active. I had enjoyed giving friends and family the occasional back rub and I wanted to help people feel better. That is when I found an introductory reflexology and body therapy class.

In the introductory class we would met once a week for 10 weeks to learn basic relaxation massage techniques and pressure points in the feet for reflexology. It was enough to hit it off and practice on family and friends and make a couple bucks but there was so much more to it than a basic relaxation massage. So I saved up over a year and ventured from my hometown in Winkler to get the right education in Winnipeg.

To become a registered massage therapist I had to enroll in a college. In Winnipeg there are 3 colleges that have a massage therapy program.

Massage Therapy College of Manitoba (MTCM)-http://massagetherapycollege.com/

Wellington College- http://www.wellingtoncollege.com/future-students/why-become-a-massage-therapist/

Robertson College- http://www.robertsoncollege.com/programs/health-care/massage-therapy/winnipeg

I had interviews and acceptance letters for MTCM and Wellington College but I decided to go to MTCM because of the smaller class sizes and sports aspects to the program.

The program was an intense 2 year program learning anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, massage techniques, treatment plans and more.

Many times the instructors would say that massage therapists know almost more about the musculoskeletal system than doctors do. Mostly because doctors might work more with other body systems like the digestive system. In the program you learn every muscle's shape, action, attachment sites, and corresponding nerves. Trust me it's impressive.

Once you know the body and basic massage stroke you learn how to effectively treat injuries and conditions like strains and pelvic rotations. It was so intriguing what I could treat with massage now compared to doing relaxation massages earlier on.

My class struggled and pushed through to graduated as the program challenged us in so many ways. We did it! It was so rewarding to finish and begin working.

I had gotten a job set up through the business I completed my practicum with at Massage Athletica and wala! A year later and now I'm set up at Bovino Chiropractic! I've learned so much just from working a year and practicing treating different conditions. Experience definitely makes it in massage therapy and I can't wait to continue to grow in my practice.

Maybe massage therapy might be for you if you like working with and helping people and/or are intrigued by the human body! I find it rewarding to be a massage therapist.

Go for a professional massage and see what you think! Plus it's awesome to go for a regular massage! :P

<3 Ginelle

Published by Ginelle Elias