Hi hi hi! I haven’t been online and making posts that much. I feel bad huhu but here’s a little update!

So far, it has been a fun roller coaster ride! Getting into my dream school (Go USTe!), having such an amazing block (shout out to 1CMT 2016-2017) and learning new things in Medical Technology. I have to be honest though, it is (still) hard for me to cope up with college works. Weighing the different preferences of my professors to the hassle of our late schedules. Writings, readings and quizzes, here and there. My breaks are almost non-existent. I barely have time to sit down and rest. I hardly open my laptop and type my posts for my journal. During my free cuts (and I have nothing to review), I usually open “notes” in my phone and start typing for my blog. Typing for here is one of my forms of relaxation. Although, my problem is that I have a lot of posts that I would want to publish but I never get to finish them. It’s either I get a writer’s block or I just stare at my phone, thinking of a way on how I should end this (because seriously… it is haaaard). I don’t know if I should end pictures, a striking phrase or just stop right there.

I WILL SET A BLOG GOAL FOR THIS MONTH. I have to post one of my school tips post by the end of September. WAHOO I CAN DO THIS! I WILL ACCOMPLISH MY GOAL. (pero studies first, friends!!)

So in the end, I wouldn’t be able to follow what I planned for my blog posts. So WAAAAh. I should really write down my thoughts in an outline form and go with so I can reaaally finish my material. Super sayang naman if I won’t post what I started (and worked hard on😦 ) On the other hand, I’ve been learning how to juggle my schedule. I know my college works isn’t a lot (YET) but I’m happy that I’m slowly getting used to the gradual pile ups of my home works and readings.

That’s all for now! Updates and posts will be up soon😉


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