1. unable to distinguish certain colors, or (rarely in humans) any colors at all
  2. not influenced by racial prejudice


Let’s focus our attention on the second definition: not influenced by racial prejudice. It really makes me feel some type of way when I hear someone say or read a comment about someone saying they don’t see color when it comes to a person’s skin. I understand that they might mean it in the best way possible, but at the same time being “color blind” is not a positive quality… in my opinion. If someone were to tell me they were color blind, I would ask them why? Why do you want to be color blind? Why do you want to ignore the fact that your skin is not the same as someone else’s? Specifically when it comes to a black person and a white person. In most cases a white person will say they’re color blind because they’re implying they are not racist. O.K. I can understand that. But there are some individuals who are racist but they want to act like they’re not, which I don’t understand. If you’re racist, then you’re racist. Why try and play like you’re not? 

If you ask me, color blindness is an insult (still in light of the second definition). That’s basically telling me that you’re not acknowledging the one thing I love about myself the most. I love being black and I love being a black woman. We are not the same, if you’re white we’re different. If you’re Latina, we’re different. If you’re Asian, we’re different. If you’re Native American, we’re different. If you’re Middle Eastern, we’re different. Sure, we may have had to endure some of the same struggles in this society, but you’re not black. I mean that in the most polite way possible. And if you’re white, whether or not you want to benefit from White Privilege, you’re still going to always benefit from White Privilege. The sad truth is black people walk around with targets on our backs, sounds dramatic but just look at the news. We could be doing everything right and still…

Color blindness does not have a positive connotation. I need you to see me and see that I’m different. I need you to understand that we are not the same. I need you to know that my life is not your life. 

Moving on to another point about color blindness. I really HATE, yes hate, when people don’t want to date within their own ethnicity. I know black guys who will throw so much shade on their own women, saying we’re this we’re that. We wear fake hair, fake nails, fake lashes, fill in our eyebrows, wear too much make up, etc. But they will find a girl who has all of the physical attributes associated with a black woman, and she won’t be black. It’s okay if she cakes her face with make up, wears fake lashes, as long as her hair is real with the curls. Apparently black women are too outspoken and have attitudes. You know what’s funny, I know women who aren’t black and they’re outspoken and have attitudes. It has nothing to do with your skin color, it has everything to do with who you are as a person. 

I don’t think it’s right for people to discriminate against other ethnicities simply because they can’t handle their personality, essentially. If you have a preference, then that’s different. You like dating a certain type of person, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t try dating a different type of person. 

I digress.

Moral of this blog is just to be open-minded about people, don’t limit yourself, and don’t try to ignore what’s right in front of your face. Nothing good comes from any of those things. 

Published by Jordyn Stoddart