Colour All year round.

Just because it's Winter (well it is here in Australia) doesn't mean you have to wear dark colours.

I live in Melbourne and it's often joked that our fashion colour is black and that's all we wear...........well most of the time that is true.  Black goes with every thing and it is flattering.  You can get dressed in the dark if need be!  You don't always have to plan what you are wearing if you wear only black ...I should know!

However!  Melbourne isn't cold and dark all Winter.  Yesterday we had lovely weather (even though cold for us 15 celcius).

So here's an outfit I came up with.  Lots of colour and simply by putting a jacket over the top it's wearable in our Winter.

This is actually recyling a dress from Spring or Summer.....If its a really cold day, put tights underneath and black ankle boots.  There goes my Melbourne infusion of black again right?!  It works though.


Till next blog

Suuze xx

Published by Susan Crowe