For those of you who haven't tried Colourpop's Brow Colour, you need to get on that ASAP because all I can say is WOW glamour babes! My brows are on fleek and point 24/7 when wearing this stuff! I was always more of a brow gel, pomade, cream whatever you wanna call it kinda of girl, brow pencils just never did it for me. The tips would always seem to break no matter how light handed I could be, leading to product waste, and some serious dineros down the drain, not cool. And, I felt brow pencils never lasted as long as brow gels, I gotta say you get a lotta bang for your buck ($6) out of Colourpop's Brow Colour.

I actually purchased two of Colourpop's Brow Colours in Red Head and Arched Auburn. I was curious to see which shades complimented my complexion and strawberry locks best, let's see how this showdown went, shall we?!


Red Head is a mid tone red brown

Arched Auburn is a soft gingery auburn

There are 8 brow colour shades in total including Brow Pencils from Colourpop that works for every skin tone and hair color shade out there.

Just putting it out there, I think Colourpop mislabeled the shade names Red Head and Arched Auburn, they should switch brow roles. Arched Auburn definitely works for us lighter haired bubbly red heads such as strawberry blondes, and copper redheads. Redhead really belongs to those auburn beauties and deep dark mysterious redheads we can't put our finger on, lol.

A little does go a long way with Colourpop's Brow Colour, so apply in increments, it's very build-able, and the shade your brows desire can easily be achieved!

The formula of each Brow Colour is lightweight, has a mousse like texture that is very creamy, super opaque, wears comfortably, glides on the brows easily, and can easily be removed with a makeup wipe or remover. I love that Red Head and Arched Auburn do not smudge, or run off my face as the day goes on, it's stays put all day, even during those hot summer muggy days NYC has been having lately.

Both shades produced very natural color, covering my dish watery, ashy blonde brows impeccably, and they matched my hair (strawberry blonde) and skin tone (fair) perfectly.

I believe this brow tint showdown is a tie, I'm loving both shades, but I will be keeping Colourpop's Red Head Brow Colour aside for when the autumn leaves begin to fall, and I decide to transpire to the darker shade of red. Yep, I'm going to be a deep, dark, and mysterious enigma, y'all can't point a finger on. How sexy does that sound?! Lol.

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Published by Samantha Malin