If you've checked out some of my other posts, you may know that I've been trying some different Colourpop products after a recent haul from the site. With everything at such an affordable price and the hype all over the Internet, do the products live up to their reputation?

This review is focusing on the Creme Gel Colour. It's basically a gel liner in a pot. Colourpop also has stick gel liners, but I thought "$1 difference for more product in a pot? Okay!" I've used drugstore gel liners in the past, specifically Maybelline and L'Oreal, and had mixed experiences.

Scent: No scent that I can tell, which I'm happy about because who smells through their eyes?

Finish: Matte. It's more of a cream when you first apply it, but once settled it's pretty matte.

Color Range: There's an awesome range of colors, from brights to metallic finishes. Of course I started with a basic black (Swerve, as they call it) first.

Packaging: The actual pot is that plastic-y glass material with a white plastic cap. The cap seals on pretty tight, which is good as far as keeping the liner from drying out. Although it does get hard to open it sometimes right after I put product on my face.


  • When dried, it is very transfer proof, and relatively rub proof.
  • Very creamy texture. Super smooth, but dries transfer proof, but still comes off with a normal oil based cleanser.
  • Comes in a variety of colors and finishes for all your gel liner needs!
  • Very affordable price point. $6 for the Creme Gel Color in the pot vs $5 for pencil form.
  • Can get a variety of line thicknesses depending on the brush you use.


  • Sets very quickly. If you're trying to blend it out, you don't have much time before it sets and doesn't move.
  • Not so gel-liner-beginner friendly. Because of how fast you have to work, you need to have a steady hand.
  • Doesn't come with a brush. I was lucky that my past drugstore gel liners came with brushes, so I just cleaned one with a finer tip off and started using it.
  • Can only get online. Colourpop isn't in stores, so if you want to buy their products you have to order online. They do have coupon codes, but you need to purchase above $30 for free shipping and they are only getting international shipping now.

Overall: 4.5/5 With the staying power and price point, it's a great quality product with a decent amount of product for a low price. Also, the variety of colors with the creamy texture means it's super easy to find your ideal liner.



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Published by Jia Kaffeine