Can all of my glamour babes relate with me when receiving Colourpop's restock email notification on their Ultra Metallic Liquid Lipsticks ($6 each), they felt as if they were on the game show Supermarket Sweep?! Lord, the pressure I felt when I was trying to add 3-Way, Kween, and Man Eater into my shopping cart in under 7 minutes was surreal, but I did it! And, boy did I feel like the Supermarket Sweep winner! So, Where's my pony with saddle bags full of money?! Or more like saddle bags FULL of Colourpop goodies! Lol.

Poor Zebra (fantastic dupe for Kylie's Reign Metallic Lippie), I am afraid I had to leave this true bronzy little fella behind, I didn't fall as hard for this shade the way I did for the others.

3-Way is a plummy pink with gold sparkle that pairs well with Colourpop's Contempo, and Ellarie lip pencil.

Kween (FYI, this is a vegan lippie!) is a burnt red with tons of gold glitter that can be paired with Colourpop's Bitchette, Dalia, and Poison (highly recommend) pencil.

Man Eater is my top favorite out of the bunch, which is a shimmery rose gold, and Colourpop's BFF Pencil 2 or BFF Pencil 3 can be used to outline those shimmery lips for a more defined look.

Colourpop's Ultra Metallic Liquid Lipsticks have a lightweight formula, are very comfortable to wear, and apply evenly and precisely despite the negative comments I've come across on their much smaller doe foot wands.

Honestly, I really couldn't tell the difference. Yes, their wands are a wee bit smaller, but in no way effects the color application. They work exactly the same as Colourpop's regular sized wands, and hold a good amount of color, nuf said.

As for pigmentation, I felt that 3-Way and Man Eater had the most opaqueness out of the three, saturating the lip beautifully with one application. Kween needed a little more effort, one application wasn't enough, it looked sheer, I needed about two or three coats to get that rich metallic sheen 3-Way and Man Eater produced with just one coat.

Even though Kween adds an extra 60 seconds to apply during my makeup routine, lol, I'm still happy with the shade choices I picked, and I love the velvety whipped texture each shade carries.

Because Colourpop's Ultra Metallic Lippies set into a satin metallic finish, the colour payoff varies. Drinking causes subtle transferring onto cups and glasses, but the color stays intact all day. Eating (avoid greasy foods) will cause some fading creating a soft sparkly balmy stain. No eating or drinking, ummmmm, I think we all know the payoff when us boys and goils do this tactic, lol! Lips are packed with metallic color, looking lustrous and gorgeous all day long!

Who was lucky enough to grab some of Colourpop's Ultra Metallic Lippies?! Do you think they take full Reign over Kylie's Liquid Lipsticks? After my mad dash for Colourpop's Metallic Lippies, I think I know who rules the metallic queendom already (wink).

Stay beautiful! Xo.

Published by Samantha Malin