Ever wondered about the colours? White means life, black means death. White releases all the colours, allowing them to explore, whilst black kidnaps them and hides them away, showing no trace of colour. The two shades are opposites. Opposites attract, right? When the two colours blend you get a gray. But what does the gray let off? Does one side of it let out colours while the other captures them, or does it just not let any out at all?  I've always wondered. But let's get back on topic; While white is letting off all the other colours and giving them life, while black is capturing them, giving them death, before the colours fade from sight, what do they mean? Is red, for instance, for anger? Or is it for life and death? And orange, is it for sweet smells? Or perhaps even for resembling the fruit? Some say yellow is mellow, but what if it was actually depressed on the inside? Most not notice, but there are colour stereotypes as well. Green being calm, blue being sad, etc. What if the meanings were different? Red was known for showing happiness, orange was known not for the fruit but for it's beauty? Which reminds me of what happens when white and red crossover: Pink. Is it for beauty? Love? What if it was for passion? Or maybe lust? What if it was known for bravery instead? Yellow was always depressed but hid it with a fake smile; Green was seeming calm but was freaking out all the time. Blue was never sad at all - just wanted to pretend. Colours are interesting indeed if you think about it. Back to it, what does gray mean? Does it mean dull? Invisible? Or maybe the entire opposite, and means bringing a little bit of spice into life.

But to be honest, all the colours are laid out and are little ingredients for the mixing bowl. Each with a different spice and meaning in life. Some think of red as angry, while others can think about it as happy and bold. Depending on what you think, and add too the mixing bowl, will result in your end result: White or Black?


Hello. this was also something I wrote a long time ago, I wanted to show this as well. That's all then. 

Published by Crystal Lunar