IF EVER you can remember those days in the past, when you were only BUT a Pipsqueak in life––a little young kid; then you’d remember when things were done which you didn’t really like––just how little control you had over it!


IF EVER you’d be dressed in something REALLY WEIRD that at the time there was Something in your mind that Shouted out;
Letting you know, on some kind of Subliminal level that being in THOSE clothes which your Parents or Someone else picked out for you––that wasn’t even close to what you wanted to wear at the time… NOT that you had any say in it!


IF EVER you moved, when you had to say bye to your friends or that girl you just had Fallen Head Over Heals for;
The boy who only now a week before actually talked to you.
Moving away from your Grandparents maybe, the one person you might have been really close to.
Just maybe you were doing really well at school and things were Actually looking up for you!


IF EVER you were just a relaxed kid. There weren’t any kind of Bully or something strange around you and just SUDDENLY your life is being uprooted!
Not having any say in this or at all…


I JUST thought that I’d mention to you, even as old as you may be at this point––I can almost say for a certain fact that things constantly will happen around you that you cannot control.
I can almost Promise you that when you make those Plans––that someone or something will INEVITABLY come around to just TRY it’s best at screwing up what you tried so Carefully put together!


JUST LIKE those Christmas plans we as well make. NOT forgetting New Years either;

WHEN actually had any of those plans Stood The Test Of The TIME?
If and when you’ve got Various Peoples together.
All of them have their very Own Ideas and Thoughts of what should or SHOULDN’T be…
All of this creates friction and the planning almost always go out the window…




JUST LIKE when you’re planning a Break, a Vacation, a Getaway and things are just Suddenly planned for you.
Things are changed and you just HEAR about all of it!
Yet Again, things change and once more; you need to get into the loop––needing to find out what is going on to know what Needs Be Done…
Once again those plans change and this time;
You’re being dropped right in the middle of something you Seriously do not want…


There’s just SO much you just cannot stand in control of…


The best we can do,
Control your reaction in a crappy situation,

If you let others to rain on your Parade,
WALK Bear-foot in the rain or like Ole’ Blue Eyes…

Sing in the Rain…


IF at all possible,
Turn this Horrid situation into something as best possible for you…


:- )