In light of recent events, I have done a lot of self-reflection on the life that I'm living. While this heads towards a discussion about the meaning of life and whatnot, I want to focus more on the individuals in my life and what importance they have had on myself. 

I've seen betrayal, the spreading of lies, and the whole shit storm that comes with people pretending to be your friend. But I've also seen individuals step up when needed and really make a difference in peoples' lives. I know that this is a topic that is talked about quite a bit, but I think that just reflects how important it is and that there are just many ways to saying so. I'm not trying to tell you how to live your life. These are just my opinions that I've formulated about personal experiences and what was beneficial for me.

Speaking from my personal experience, I would not have made it this far without my friends. This seems like such a simple concept but I'm referring to those individuals whom I would call my closest friends. It's important to have such people in your life, but the way they have impacted mine still amazes me to this day. They've been there at my lowest and my worst times. They've comforted me, supported me, and even called me out on my mistakes when it was necessary. They've been there through my highest highs. Almost all of my best memories included my close friends. I can truly be myself with them. My friends are able to keep me grounded and yet make me want to become something better. They inspire me and allow me to reach my full potential. These are my friends. 

I acknowledge that there is way more to a friend than just these characteristics. Is a true friend one that will stay up with you studying? Is a true friend someone who will come pick you up and talk for hours on end whenever you need them? I don't think there is a real definition or a real set of characteristics for a true friend. That's just something that you feel out as an individual. The individual defines what is a true friend throughout exposure and their experiences.

I also acknowledge that I cannot gather the essence of a friendship into a few words on a page. Trying to quantify those experiences diminishes the value of the relationship and it would be disrespectful to do so. Think back to those meaningful interactions. Treasure them. Value them. Keep an open mind for those experiences in the future. But don't forget your old friends.  I can only hope that this post will allow you to reflect on your own friendships and relationships and find a greater value and appreciation for those around you.

I certainly have. 

- Jack


This comic is one of my favorites. I truly believe that my friends make my life worth living every day. I'm grateful for all of you. 

Published by Jack Beck