The trouble with keeping the heart open is fear. Fear that we have learned from the past. Fear conditioned in our minds. Fear of being let down, of being rejected, of not being good enough. This fear is innate in everyone. Some of us have put up walls deep and wide to keep people out. Others have numbed their hearts to the point of no love entering or leaving. While these defense mechanisms may serve their purpose for a while, they inevitably will crumble. Then the fear is back. So what to do? Feel e v e r y t h i n g. Yes it is scary being vulnerable. It is scary to feel grief, to miss friends, lovers, family. But is it not better to have loved and loss than never to have loved at all? The beautiful thing about loss is it that it is lessened with time. Time has a funny way of making humans forget. So its our job to remember love everyday. To wake up and drop down into our hearts. To continue to choose love every minute of the day. Because it is just that, a choice. To love and be loved is the ultimate purpose of every single person here. There is a beautiful dance going on every second of every day. The dance between spirit and soul. The dance fills the heart to the brim, to the point of ecstasy. The connection made with spirit is that of the deepest love between two lovers. There are no requirements, no certain look, gender, race, hair color, eye color, personality type, or even social status. Every soul can have a sweet, sweet relationship with spirit. This love is so expansive. It expands in every direction as soon as attention is brought to it. Any pain or suffering is enveloped within the deep ocean of love. The heaviness of the worldly emotions and senses we may experience become lost in the great tides of the back and forth of the soul and spirit. Even when we have forgotten our lover, there spirit it is still there when we return. It always repeating to us, come dance with me. Will you dance?

Published by Anna Davis