A new day dawned but  Elijah felt no better. In his cave, he still felt useless and slightly betrayed. “Then God said, “Go out, and stand on the mountain before the LORD.” (1Ki 19:11-13)

God was really saying to Elijah “Get out of the cave and stand outside with your back to the cave.” Many of Gods people had negative cave experiences. Caves were for burying loved ones and for hiding from enemies and creditors.  “Elijah, turn your back on all the things that are in your cave; the death, the troubles, the debt, the persecution, the lack of fruitfulness and failed expectations. Elijah was to turn his back on them and turn toward the Lord positioning himself to hear again. Before Elijah could move outside the Lord passed by in power.  The wind split the rocks with its power and fire falling from heaven melted them with heat, but God was not in any of these things for Elijah.

Manifestations didn’t move Elijah, he had seen plenty.  Although the manifestations of Gods power could break things, shake thing and burn things, they couldn’t build things or restore anything. It is the Father’s gentle voice that Elijah needed; that could heal the heart of the prophet. God is truly where His voice is. Manifestations without a meeting with God was meaningless to Elijah.  As Elijah walked out of the cave he discovered that the Word of the Lord would come to him for the spectacular, the public and the impersonal but it is also for the private, the personal and the painful moments in His life.

Friend, today Father is inviting to come and stand before Him.  Turn your back on your cave.  You don’t need a mighty manifestation as much as you need to hear His voice. He has something to say that will restore your heart and answer your pain. If He asks you “What are you doing here? It is only because God never expected or wanted you to be in a place where you doubt His care and because He has a new place to take you.

Published by Jim Shaw