A fun-filled evening with loads of laughter, my first ever experience of watching a stand-up comedy event was absolutely interesting in every way. A dedicated fan of all things funny, this opportunity to witness a live performance was completely novel and exciting. Though comedy serials, movies and plays have been grabbing my attention for several years now, I was never enthusiastic about a stand-up comedy event. Unsure about its level of entertainment, I always stayed away from this kind of adventure.

       Energy of stand-up comedians and spontaneity of their real-time performances are certainly the greatest highlights of this piece of humor. Entertaining the audience with comical narration while connecting with them along every passing moment certainly calls for great talent, dedication, hard work and skills.

       Entertaining performance by stand-up comedian Vir Das at the San Jose Improv comedy club was undoubtedly a magical evening. A well-known stand-up comedian, writer and actor in the Bollywood industry, Vir Das has been performing on stage for several years now. Born in India, brought up in Africa and graduated from the United States, Vir Das has a global touch to his personality. Though his work profile and acting career have a strong foundation in India, Vir Das has been performing all over the globe, appealing audience from different nationalities and entertaining viewers from various countries.

    Focusing around matters of love, break ups, relationships and marital adventures, the show titled ‘Unbelievable’ was marked with flawless flow and endless laughter. While narrating his own experiences in the United States and drawing humor from typical accents and unique behavior of people all around the globe, the show offered great entertainment to the enthusiastic fan in me. Though ‘India’ and ‘Indians’ constituted a substantial part of his narration, his global experiences could relate with each and every individual in the audience that represented a perfect blend of diverse age groups and nationalities.

      From troubles of shy, nerdy men to powerful weightage of feminine aspects in every situation, from challenges of increasing age to impact of modern world technology, I admired his ability to bring diverse topics within the scope of his humor. Mocking the engineering and technological influence of San Jose, his comical connection with the audience appeared totally hilarious.

     With a natural style of speech that reflected humor in an effortless manner and excellent screen presence that demanded absolute attention, Vir Das could attract my eyes and ears through the entire show. Interacting with audience and drawing humor from their answers, he ensured excellent connection during the performance. While relating with his stories about marriage, I experienced strong bond of reality along every funny narration. Laughing continuously for close to 1.5 hours, this fun-filled experience seemed too short. While I could easily offer undivided attention for few more hours ahead, quick end to the adventure was certainly the only lowlight of the evening.

       Energetic, young, enthusiastic, charming, magnetic and powerful- while these are some of the adjectives that can describe Vir Das from my perspective, continuous laughter and applaud from the audience certified my point of view. Featuring comedian Kabir Singh, short act by this fresh face added loads of color to the colorful evening.

   Offering doses of entertainment with excellent sense of humor, Vir Das’s ‘Unbelievable’ show was truly wonderful. Satisfied with an amazing experience, I shall certainly look forward to many such encounters with stand-up comedians. I will definitely express my gratitude to Vir Das and Kabir Singh for an instrumental role in transforming my views towards stand-up comedy and pulling my inclination towards it!

Published by Lavanya