So todays post isn't going to be long, but yesterday I done somthing very out of my confort zone, and somthing that i had never done before. I had my first Job interview, at first i was dreading it, because i didnt know what they were gonna think of me, or if i say the wrong thing, but after my interview i felt so good and relised that there wasnt anything to worry about at all.

But today i just want to pass the message across that if you have a Job interview or mayne somthing that is completely out of your confort zone, then dont worry, if your feeling nervous about it then before it happens, think about happy things or thing about what you can achieve afterwards and what can be the outcome of this.

I hope everyone has a happy day and remember, dont think about it too much and think of happy moments

Published by Frankiee Jarman-dyer