Hello! It's my first time to post here. My husband and I recently moved here in Australia because I will be taking up a conversion program in Nursing for one year at the prestigious University of Canberra (Bruce Campus). And I’m  also certain that you’re wondering and asking WHY. Despite the fact that I’ve already finished my degree in Nursing in my home country, passed the Philippine Nursing Licensure Examination last 2008 and practiced as a Registered Nurse for 5 and 1/2 years?! Yeah, why? Apparently, our country’s nursing standards isn’t the same with the one that they have here in Australia. I still have to study for a year in order for me to earn a Bachelor Degree and become an Australian Registered Nurse. I truly believe that in God’s perfect time, I will be able to finish all this with pride and dignity. I am so grateful because my parents and in-laws gave me this once in a lifetime chance to pursue an advancement in my career in order for Knate and I to give the kids a better and brighter future. It is very heartbreaking for me to leave my children behind even just for a while, but sometimes we all have to be brave enough and face our fears and make some sacrifices. Before, never in my entire life have I imagined that I’ll be leaving the kids even for just a short period of time, especially now that they are at this age where they keep on asking a lot of questions, but, the people around me who truly cares made me realize that comfort zones are really great, tempting and beautiful but it’s truly scary to have regrets in the end. Finally, we’ve decided that it is about time to go out of our laid-back lifestyle and face the real world on our own.
The University of Canberra is located here in Bruce, ACT. According to WIKIPEDIA, UC offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering six main learning areas which areApplied ScienceHealthArt and DesignBusiness, Government and lawEducation and Information Sciences and Engineering. And I’m proud to say that according to some internet sites that I’ve recently visited, it is indeed included in the world’s top 100 “young” universities based on World University Rankings. So if you’ll ask me if I’m pressured, the answer will always be a YES. Hahaha! My first day at UNI is quite overwhelming! It felt surreal! I was like “OMG! At this age, I still have to go to UNI blah blah blah…” But my anxiety was automatically replaced with excitement after the orientation week. I like it here. I love how everything is within my reach. I was astonished with all the facilities especially the LIBRARY (bookworm problems 101, LOL). This is definitely a world-class institution and I’m very thankful that I’m finally here.
A simple unsolicited advice to people my age or even to the ones who are younger or older than me is that never ever be afraid to make some major changes in your lives. I know how scary (DAMN!) it is to leave your home especially with all the convenience and the comfort that your family brings you but if you will not do it now, then, when? What if it’s too late already? What if the chance might never come your way again? Having “what ifs “ and “only ifs” are life’s greatest enemy. So take a leap, change your path and soar high! We can do it, we just have to believe in ourselves. ^_^ -Janna
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Published by Janna Jeline Aguilar