This post will be taking a look at some graphic novels you might want to check out this Halloween season!

Adventures in Poor Taste! has spent October taking a look at various seasonally appropriate titles, including Adrift, the story of a couple who go on a cruise to celebrate the man’s recovery from agoraphobia.  Unfortunately, it sounds like the vents of the cruise might send the poor guy falling back into a world of fear and isolation.  The cruise ship is taken over by vampires, and not ones who crawled out of the pages of Twilight.  The review praises the relatable protagonist, but notes that the characters in the story other than the main couple are far less appealing.  The title still gets a solid eight out of ten.

Another title given the once over is the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Red Equinox.  The story follows Becca, a student at Lovecraft’s fictional Miskatonic University, who must navigate a world of horrible monsters, mysterious cultists, and a government organization dedicated to fighting paranormal threats against the world.  This cosmic horror story is found to be almost perfect, scoring a nine out of ten.

Dead Souls, the story of people making deals with the devil, did not inspire much enthusiasm from the AIPT! reviewer, making it all the more impressive that the comic ended up scoring a perfect ten.  Interestingly, the review praises the affecting, and apparently a bit disgusting ending, but also admits that there are some plot threads left hanging, and the evil plan at the heart of the story is a bit hard to believe.

Another perfect score is hand out to The Troop, the story of a Boy Scout expedition that comes across a man suffering from a strange infection.  This setup is strengthened by excellent character work, as the young boy scouts struggle to balance their intense fear with their desire to appear strong and in control in front of their peers.  The ending is apparently everything you could want from such a story, except for a small coda that leaves the reader wanting more.

Before signing, off I’ll throw out a couple of other graphic novels you might want to check out this October.  First, if you are looking for a lengthy story, look no further than The Sandman by Neil Gaiman, also known for Coraline, The Graveyard Book, and American Gods.  Another solid option is Wytches by Scott Snyder, in spite of the questionable title choice.  The problem with the title is that the comic is less Hocus Pocus, more H.P. Lovecraft.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but the title could be rather misleading.

Published by Andrew Clendening