So, let’s take a look at some comics you might want to check out!

We start with a post from Io9 listing the new comics hitting shelves this fall.  The long list includes Frontier, a dark space opera, and a comic that sees Batman team up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Then there’s Angel Catbird by Margaret Atwood, telling the tale of a protagonist who becomes part-angel, part-cat, and part-bird. 

Going back to our old source Adventures in Poor Taste, we find a preview of the first issue of Hadrian’s Wall, a noir story in space.  In this comic, Simon Moore is called upon to solve the murder of his ex-wife’s husband.  Cause there’s no conflict of interest there at all, right?

Then there is a review of Generation Zero, the latest story of super-powered teens from Valiant Entertainment.  Unfortunately it appears the comic’s debut left much to be desired, with most of the article focusing on the unappealing main character of the issue.

Eden’s Fall is a crossover of three different comics, Postal, Think Tank and The Tithe.  But the review immediately stresses that the first issue includes extensive background information, so that readers need not be intimately familiar with the three titles to enjoy this crossover.  While the need to establish things from three different comics does at times slow things down, the comic still gets a solid eight out of ten.

AIPT! also takes a look at a recent edition of one of the comics, the fourteenth issue of Postal, which sees the town of Eden going up against a white supremacist group.  This comic gets a score half-a-point higher than the debut of the crossover received.

Finally, the third issue of conspiracy comic Cryptocracy gets and okay score of six and a half out of ten.  While the review stresses that there is a lot to grab your interest, the comic needs to do more to make the reader care about the characters.

Published by Andrew Clendening