Growing old is something I’ve never particularly been fond of. Growing old is just another reminder that I only have a few more years of being selfish in regards to how I spend my money and my free time. It is a reminder that, before we know it, my friends and I will no longer be able to go out and be entirely reckless, we will no longer live in a safe and fun college bubble. It is a reminder that pretty soon, we will be the ones with all the responsibility. It is a reminder that pretty soon, we will have the power to make the hopes we have always had for our futures come true.

            And everyday nowadays feels like it has a coming of age moment. Little ones, but I’ve been feeling them: Mom allowing me to drink wine at dinner, parents allowing me to watch their children all day, seriously considering options for after college.

It's scary, the real world is coming at us full force. Everyday we are given more and more responsibility, everyday we become less like those carefree children we were 15 years ago.

You always hear: “Stay young for as long as you can,” “enjoy these days.” It makes you wonder: Are you really making the most of what you have now? For me, I know the last thing I want is to be waiting in my mini van in 15 years for my kids to get out of soccer practice, crying that I let my life end up this way. I hate hearing adults say : “I wish I went away to school,” or “I wish I traveled more.”

So what will we regret in 20 years? No one can really predict it, so we can’t kick ourselves in 20 years when we are regretting the past.

So I guess we should all do what we want now and hope it’s the best option, right?

Published by Anne Flamio